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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by SNAPster, Dec 9, 2017.


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  1. SNAPster

    SNAPster New Member

    Hi ya'll!
    I ONLY play MW:LCN, but I guess that this idea can be implemented on other games on KanoPlay...

    I'm the kind of guy, that "thinks ahead", and I've been thinking about the raid keys. When I first noticed that the game had the raid events, and
    the first events finished, we were given the OPTION to sell our remaining/unused keys. ;):D:cool:


    At FIRST I choose NOT to sell my keys.
    This is because I figured, that they will hold the raid events more then one time, and then I would have
    a "head start" to be able to start my OWN raid in the NEXT event quicker. But by now, I have found out that they DO use their OLD bosses more
    then one time. So this could actually work, IF the developers CHOOSE to "make it happen". So, imagine my disappointment, when I then found out it didn't work that way...

    This is a CURRENT screenshot of them in my stockpile, after "some filtering" of the list...


    So I'd just like to ASK if there's ANY possibility, to change the game so THIS can be realized?

    Is there really ANYTHING that STOPS the developers from doing this? I think the answer is NO...
    The only reasons for why they still haven't implemented this yet, are probably ONE of the two I mention below.​
    1. They haven't THOUGHT about it... yet... ;-)
    2. They simply don't WANT to, for ONE or ANOTHER reason...
    IF it's #2 who are the "REAL case", then I'd like to ask...


    But IF "case #1" is the ACTUAL situation...


    Best regards
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    You get XP for unused keys we have for three years, it is fine, if you kept the keys without turning them in, then you were not paying attention or reading the hundreds of Forum posts about raids, since their inception and since everyone else knows what to do, I don't think Kano should change it for you :p so No thanks
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  3. SNAPster

    SNAPster New Member

    Hmm... First of all... ALL users would GAIN from this idea... I think of EVERYBODY. I'm NOT an egoistic person...
    So I don't ask for this feature JUST for ME... Many users don't exactly have PLENTY of energy, since this is a strategic FIGHTING game...
    I think that MANY users would LIKE to be able to "collect keys over several events". You KNOW that EVERY "SP" spent on energy, is a point MISSED of making you stronger... Right? :D

    Second. I go to the forums and find info when I have issues... I don't think that users should have to read EVERYTHING written in DETAIL about a game in advance, to be able to use it. :eek::confused:

    Third... Have you REALLY been playing the game for 3 years and NOT been thinking about what happens in it at all? ;):p

    I STILL don't see the point in handling this matter the way they do... Why NOT just GIVE us the XP... WHY give us the OPTION to return them?

    I'm the kind of person who DOES "pay attention"... More then MOST others actually, since I am one of the FEW people with "INTP personality" in our world (~3%). :):cool:

    That's why I HAVE these questions... I ALWAYS try to IMPROVE everything... What's so wrong with that? ;)
    Oh. and btw. I HAVE been returning all keys AFTER that one. :cool:
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    again ,you get XP back for unused keys :)
  5. SNAPster

    SNAPster New Member

    Yes.. I ALREADY know that...
    IF you pay attention, it says in BOTH the FIRST post, as well as in the LAST row of my previous post, that I HAVE been returning them. I had 2 screenshots attached to my first post, which showed the keys I have left... But it seems like the have been censored for some wierd reason..? If they were there, you might understand my first post a bit better?

    Getting XP for returning them is GOOD. But being able to start raids yourself, and once in a while send a few links to all the people who constantly invites YOU to THEIR raids, is MUCH better. You know.. to show RESPECT against OTHERS... Right?
    I tend to live by this rule:

    "You should treat OTHERS, the way YOU... Want to be treated YOURSELF..."

    If we ALL tried a little better to do just that, then our world would be a MUCH better place too... Don't you think? :)

    And AGAIN.. Just because you can get xp for returning them, there STILL can be BETTER ways of using them, IF it just would be implemented... :D

    NEXT time you have unused keys.. Then please look for the part of the message saying that the keys are WORTHLESS unless you turn them in. They ONLY need to add that ONE sentence to make this "issue" go away. So WHY haven't they?

    WHY do I need to go and look this up at a forum before clicking that button or not..? There are 3 ways of changing this. None of them are really that complicated for them to do. I'll list them for you...
    1. Leave it like it is... (What YOU suggest, and what CAN make users disappointed, just like in MY case...)
    2. Add a sentence saying they are NO GOOD if kept, OR just GIVE us the XP by AUTO, WITH the message.
    3. Change it like I request, so the unused key can be used in NEXT event.
    AS you can see, There are SEVERAL ways to fix this issue. What I suggest, is only what I think is the BEST solution of it..
    A SIMPLE solution that makes the MOST out of it, for the USERS aka ALL of us...

    If we just "settle for what we have", then nothing will ever change... And nothing will ever get better...
    I posted this in the part of the forum specifically created to ask for opinions and requests like this. didn't I?

    And if you think LOGICALLY about it, then why WOULDN'T the developers change something that CAN make users "disappointed", If NOT changed. What good does THAT do for a company? They SHOULD like ALL other companies aim to get 100% "customer satisfaction". For "THEIR OWN GOOD". I KNOW this since my previous employments during 15 years with "public relations".
    On top of that, I'm actually EDUCATED regarding BOTH that, and as a PROGRAMMER...

    It shouldn't be complicated at all, and maybe even so simple, that they only needs to "change the settings" for it.
    That would be like flipping a switch to turn the lights on or off... :D

    Since I am a programmer myself, i KNOW for a FACT, that they can probably change this within MINUTES or even SECONDS...

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