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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ahad, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    The first being a kill / death ratio, just like in Call of Duty. Kills divided by deaths, how many kills for every death.
    This could either be seperate for Fight / Hitlist, or combined into one figure.

    Eg: Fight Kills: 9,281 Death Count: 961
    Would give me a 9.66 Kill/Death ratio

    This would bring yet another downside to playing all attack, as a 'Glass Cannon'. Everybody knows these glass cannons die so easily, seemingly no matter how much health they pile up.
    They are obviously after kills when adding so much overpowering attack, so the fact that they die so much should, imo, be more apparent than just a quantity.
    Who kills more than they die, by the most margin?

    The second idea is a total of all experience fed to us by losing attackers, as shown by the awesome new game history.

    This figure could then be added to the leaderboard, and people could work to make the most experience profit with the least effort, by healing and letting people hit you. I know of a bunch of people that would get serious quantities of experience being donated to them while they heal and watch the numbers roll.

    I know the whole profile page has just been overhauled and i, for one, am very grateful but is there any harm in pointing out other additions that we should find interesting.

    I just feel

    That the friendly comptetion

    In this game

    Should be taken to the max.

    EDIT: I posted this in General as this could possibly be a suggestion for all 4 apps, and as not to unnecessarily increase my post count when i could just make one post in General ;)
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  2. rachel

    rachel New Member

    I like the second thought . Though it's implementation is not easy it is wothwhile.
  3. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    There are people going for, and probably getting, 1000 fight wins in a row.. 100% from defence alone.

    That must be a mammoth amount of xp being fed!

    Come to think of it, there could be a
    Total XP lost: [amount lost all together]
    From every death received since the implementation of such a detail.

    There are so many things that would be interesting to see, it's just finding out what other people would find interesting too.
  4. not everyone building with high attack and health is for kills

    i built this way to blast bosses

    zs its probably not worth it

    not sure bout mw

    for vc and pc boss drops are highly worth it

    and with enough health this build wont die easily

    not to menton when attacking this type of build

    the exp you get sucks while they can get a decent amount
  5. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    The only addition to the leaders I'd like to see, is punch kills. I don't care for who has the best percentages. I don't think they accurately represent how good a player is.

    Not all "Glass Cannons" have a high death rate either. Fight Kills:18,917 Death Count:355.

    Maybe there could be a place in each games forum to have a section where players from all the social networks to compare their stats to each other.
  6. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    Does the word "YET" spring to anyone elses mind?

    I do agree on the subforum idea for friendly competition, comparison and whatnot.

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