Translations to spanish are horrible

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KTBFFH, Nov 26, 2011.


    KTBFFH New Member

    So a few days ago I decided to change my game language to spanish and i almost threw up by the horror i saw. I suggest you guys use a person to do the translation rather than a machine. It's lke if I translate in a machine "carro azul"(blue car) it will translate to "car blue" a person(knows both languages)would know that that is wrong but a machine wouldn't. You guys should stop using google translate because it can't change words around. Also, some of the phrases are half english and half spanish, it's like you guys couldn't find the translation for a word and just left it in english.
  2. Ace

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    Yes, the translation was kinda poor, reason I didn't bother and leave it in English. It would be nice if it was given a look.

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