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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ahad, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Ahad

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    So quite a few of the newer locations in most, if not all of the games are lacking some sort of daily challenge.

    Now we don't need them immediately, as the vast majority of us aren't even close to finishing the current ones.

    I just wanted to start off some sort of bandwagon to boycott the idea of another Death Deal or alternatively named card game. We had them, they fortunately went away in favour of the rocket launcher.. But then they came back :mad:


    Please, please, please PLEASE give us something that doesn't make us fail when it should be correct. The blank zombie sprites were better than an Ace from a King. That's about as satisfying as buying a Pirate AK-47 and being on top of the moon (with this being the ultimate fun) only for Santa Claus to come along with an even better one! With no UN left to buy it...
    No wait, keep the analogy only consider the below thanks (sig) for getting my Tizme (no more) deleted from Facebook so that i could rectify that mis-purchase and get the more powerful Santa's AK-47... At the reduced UN sale price :D

    I expect few people to support this, because it came from me. but once it finally sinks in that i speak sense and this is what the entire sane population of the Kano Kommunity would like, would be very thankful for and something that would make the endgame of all 4 games simultaneously rather purrfect!

    Maybe something like find the zombie with the largest amount of brain showing for the largest prize, but that evil random number generator thing could make some big brains get small prizes and small brains get the jackpot. Occasionally.

    Furthermore because it's been quite a while since i tried to kill everyone across all platforms with minimal effort, give the clear reward 1 or 2 UN in addition to cash and xp, have a 5UN top prize from clicking a brain showing zombie target, but make some of these randomly chosen zombie sprites a suicide bomb that kills us. Only once every couple of challenges or so, or depending on the droprate of the UN from the actual challenge.

    I apologise to peers that prefer the other themes to Zombies, but zombies ate the creative portion of my brain. All i gots is zombie brains, guts and putrid blood oozing from my ears at headache time :p
    You Vikings, Pirates and Mobsters will have to think of your own alternative challenges..
  2. Whitelock

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    well anything is better than those dumb card games!! please Kano no more of those Card games!

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