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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by wakosako, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    Hi is this correct Monday 10/12/18 stam bonus I get 2 free stam? At level 1.5k with over 1k in stam?
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The Bonus should be paying out the correct amount (at least it was for me). Please double-check the network or account that you're redeeming it on and make sure it's for the right one. If you're still having issues, please submit a ticket to Support (support.kanoapps.com) and we'll dig into it.
  3. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    Hi I double checked and that's all I got? This is the second time I got a silly bonus what is going on?
  4. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    Looks like I might leave this and join the real world lol might have done me a favour :)
  5. Wanda Fay Cole

    Wanda Fay Cole New Member

    When collecting my daily energy and stamina refill, I did not receive my energy. This the 2nd time this has occurred but I let it go but this game is not as fun as it used to because you guys keep changing things for the worse. I would like my energy for 12-10-2018. I am seriously thinking of quitting this game as its more about how much money you can make off the players. Now the game is cheating me out my daily energy and its just wrong.
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  6. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    Wanda I agree it might be time to call this a day! There are things in this game that are really peeing me off and if I get frustraited in a game whats the point in playing?
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  7. denise wingate

    denise wingate New Member

    Since we now have to use the daily reward every day I have found the game has become totally boring. All I seem to be doing is just using up stamina on my bosses all the time before the timer runs out on the next stamina refill. Don't even have the option to use it on syndicate members bosses cos nobody is putting them out. Guess that is what they are all doing too. Finding it difficult to get the HELP quota every day as well now. Also doing Raid Bosses is going to be nigh impossible.
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  8. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    Monday the 17 of December today's rewards is an amazing 7 energy at level 1500 plus is this game taking the pee?
  9. wakosako

    wakosako New Member

    Lol this was increased but not to 100% like the rest of my mob!? Does this inspire me to spend any cash on this game? NO I DOES NOT!
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  10. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Basically you have been screwed - another fix that didn’t work - it wasn’t broke Kano get a grip
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  11. Ghostie

    Ghostie Member

    We need to be allowed to stack our daily rewards. The rewards currently are shit.

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