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  1. diva of destruction

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    really and truly, math don't LIE! A cheat is a cheat. A script was used. I hate to bluster in here, but it is the truth! Something was screwy, and we all know it. do the right thing Kano, for all the rest of us, or the arena feature will die off, and that would be a shame. DOD

    here is the link for my facebook discussion group, it is an open group, read there for what your customers are really thinking!!!!!
  2. The Protector

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    Any number of possibilities could of happened there.

    NOTHING like this is ever "conclusive" unless you catch a confession.

    Otherwise,you've got nothing.

    Is it difficult to pull that off?Yep.

    Is it impossible to pull it off legit?Nope but difficult to say the least.

    There is some that can probably click that fast.
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    Turns out I didn't close this thread, oops! Given that I accidentally left it open, if there are any stragglers still wanting to chime in on this, chime away, although please remember our forum Code of Conduct. Specifically, please don't post accusations about other players, as they're not good discussion topics.
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    Numbers like that can easily be done, it doesnt have anything to do with bots but it is still cheating. Obviously im not gonna say how to do this as Kano is yet to do anything about it and I dont want to encourage players to do it. Not only is it a huge advantage in the arena but it is very common in the game as well. I notified Kano of this some time back and was told it couldnt happen, then was told it wasnt supposed to happen and was then told they would look into it......needless to say its still happening and it looks as if its becoming even more widespread in the arena. Major bummer.
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    Well since the night of the arena said player has been frozen, FB PC players are waiting to see if it is temporary freeze , as said player has been frozen before for other issues FB Pirate Clan is awaiting the final outcome, with baited breath .
  6. jothong

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    For the record ... my post was a continuation of my earlier posts asking what was happening to the pirate who was killing people at a record rate in the arena and NOT the pirate that Tracy referred to. I didn't even see her post until after mine had posted.

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