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  1. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    What happened there? PIMP and TEAM dominated the arena. I ranked in 9th, not to bad for a level 1.1k. How did everyone else do?
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  2. brad8and8

    brad8and8 Member

    LOL our plan worked to perfection

    The Wingman
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Arena Fight list not completely repopulating again

    Starting to wonder if Kano even reads these posts took months and countless posts to get them to acknowledge our posts about the fight list in the arena not working right, even then we were told it was working fine only to have them realize later that indeed it was not. .....something we already knew ...hence the reason we mentioned it in the first place. Well like I mentioned after the last arena or two It seems to be happening again and getting worse every week....Is Kano working on this? Is Kano even reading this?
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    For the most part the arena was fine, got a few levels and had some fun with friends. I did notice that after a couple arenas being dominated by others that participation numbers were way down and more players were (JK)
  5. Linda

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    Polish , I as a mod can direct Kano to a post or thread that needs attention, or if I see someone has a question or someone is getting off topic or being rude, I or another mod may edit it , so if ya want them to see something mention it and I will do my best to get Dan or someone to come and take a look .
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Thanks Linda Your help is appreciated as always.
  7. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Hey Polish, can you give me more specifics about what the issues with the list are? Is it the same kind of thing where everyone in your group is seeing the same people initially? Or is it something else?
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I forgot to check if we were all starting with the same list be sure to check next time), but there was a lot of sniped kills right off the get go though (this used to be more of an issue when everyone was starting with the same list but was eased significantly when the list was allowed to be much more random initially). The obvious problem now is that the entire fight list isnt repopulating upon refreshing again....half of the players that were on the list just stay on the list in the same order they were before refreshing. Also many of noticed that once again near the end of the arena a crop of new players none of us had seen previously all popped up on our pages at the same time, these players were all inactive and barely had been attacked if at if they started out on a fight page but never came up again for anybody again until they end....kinda like the fell into a crack some where
  9. sc1123

    sc1123 New Member

    As I have participated in a couple of arena's..My current arena experience is not so great. So I posted this on another thread..Perhaps you can explain how someone is doing this...

    How can any player have over 115,500 attacks in 3 1/2 + hours...That's 9 per second......So...why play ???... SO, here are his pirate stats in the current arena:

    Name: you are next pmsl
    Attacks 115,819
    Kills 180
    Wins 105,765
    Losses 15,114
    Biggest Attack 5,046,813 damage

    Time Remaining:

    Players Remaining:

    I do not think I will be playing this game anymore......
  10. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    # 7 and PMSL got me 4 left right now
  11. jothong

    jothong Member

    9 per second???? That is impossible for a human!
  12. Lightningbug62

    Lightningbug62 New Member

    I don't understand how it is humanly possible..And no the arena is not fun anymore. One person takes over and ruins it for everyone.. In my opinion it is plain greed and self serving only.. certainly not fun for most of the players on there. It is the biggest reason so many have quit joining the arena.. If it doesn't change there will be a lot less in the next one..
  13. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    Cheating in Battle Arena

    Okay so.. a player is big surprise there.. the guy has been suspended at least 7 times before. It's not like KANO didn't know he a damn cheat. Question is ARE THEY GOING TO DO THE RIGHT THING THIS TIME? Or they going to continue to allow him to harass other players with his cheating and lying? Hmm??

    And, sorry but the argument that just because he is clearing the way for a player to win the arena we shouldn't wonder about that player as well, is crap. If i was watching someone killing folks at the rates that have been mentioned I would have to be completely stupid not to know there was something strange going on. Sorry but that players hands as dirty and KANO should do something about it.
  14. jothong

    jothong Member

    Is something being done about this? Any developers care to speak up? The groups on Facebook are all abuzz about this player.

    A little more math - for those 3.5 hours that pirate killed an opponent every 70 seconds.

    There are rumours of collusion and looking the other way for this pirate. Is there an alternate set of rules for the chosen few that we should be aware of?
  15. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    It's possible to click that fast in there especially when attack button is sticking like crazy.

    I had clicked so many times last arena so fast when i was off the mouse the game still hadn't registered all the clicks and was still clicking away about 2 minutes after i let off the mouse.

    Is that considered cheating?
  16. Chris Palevich

    Chris Palevich New Member

    had a great time. many levels, great drops. then i was found by "you are next pmsl"

    in less than a minute i went from 1.5t health to 0. i had approx 585 +/- attacks against me in that time period.
    i went for my iPhone to video it ... but by the time i got into my video and had it running ....I WAS ALREADY DEAD.

    1.5t health to 0 .... faster than a log in to an iPhone. hmmmm, anyway. i used my real name. nothing to hide here.
  17. jothong

    jothong Member

    I call BS. Unless you are using a Commodore 64 there is NO WAY a modern mouse cannot keep up to your computer.

    The pirate in question has been suspended multiple times already ... if he comes back, we may as well ALL CHEAT.
  18. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    It is possible for you to click 9 clicks per 2nd??? hmmm maybe they should look at you too....
  19. I lost hope on winning a long time ago. Now I just join and attack as much as I can and gain as much xp as I can, then I'm out.
  20. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    We are currently investigating this player to keep the Arena and Game as fair and competitive as possible. I can't comment on any account specifics, although I will say that the actions showing for that player are extremely suspicious and likely indicative (although not conclusive) of a violation of our Terms of Use.
    I know that's probably not as specific as you guys would like, but with player accounts we keep a pretty tight lid on things for the sake of your information privacy.
    I'm also closing this thread down as the current discussion has nothing to do with the original post, and we have all the information we need about the incident for our investigation. For general Battle Arena discussion, feel free to continue discussion in one of the other Battle Arena threads, or start a new one.

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