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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Farqu, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Farqu

    Farqu Member

    Please developers can we have a two way mute ingame. This would save you looking at 50 million tickets and free up your time for other things that need attention in the game. One way mute doesn't work and pretty sure your all sick and tired of copy and pasting that suggestion to everyone.
    Really we didn't need the Ken and Barbie wardrobe to pretty up our chat, the two way mute would be far more effective and better for the players in the game. Also clickable links in WC would be appreciated.

    Another sore point for players is the stupid things they are getting warnings and bans for. The bans and warnings from WC seem to be for very slight offences and some appear unjustified (at least on our side of the fence)

    Players would also appreciate a new world boss with decent drops. A lot of the drops are no longer useful to mid range and high level players.

    Bringing back the pawn shop would be huge since it was removed it & we can no longer sell back useless items we purchased for fps, increase the size of syndicates with also an increase in familia spots.

    We appreciate it's tough trying to please everyone but just to start on a few of these points would be a great start.
  2. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    I have asked for it before - and I'm asking again - please implement a "Black List" like the Original Mob Wars had - whereby for a few fp's, we can black list up to say 6 players in the game that would no longer be able to perform any actions against us - and us on them.
  3. Mysticslayer

    Mysticslayer New Member

    Black list or a two way mute would rly help alot of ppl for so many reasons!!
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  4. kari

    kari New Member

    A two-way mute is necessary. I just had a player state in WC that I "like abusive men." An untrue statement, but when I come in to WC, this person taunts me. I had her muted, but when I was talking to another player, she wrote that I had marital problems and other lies. I only found out about this because a friend sent me screenshots. I have been forced to leave this player unmuted because without a two-way mute, she is able to cause more damage when I have her muted because I cannot defend myself.
  5. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    My thoughts:
    • 2 way mute is useless with the amount of ALTS that are used especially by repeat offenders in World Chat.
    • Links should be clickable in WC if the player is 60 day plus.
    • Kano Admin links should always be clickable.
    • Not a fan of the crayola explosion but if you're going to do it, commit to it and have the player's link be in color everywhere like on their profile page and other in game lists. Also, it doesn't need its own tab, use that for an Allies Chat.
    • Speaking of, make more use of Allies. In game chat, social feed etc. You could do the same for Rivals. Up the ampage here.
    • Quests need a member participation table like in Syndicate Wars. Rewards should be more than 5 FPs for a hard case especially when it's that dreaded jobs one.
    • There should be an open Forum topic post for the major features of the game like Quests, Raids, SW, BA etc where players can go, ask Q's, leave suggestions. Right now, it's just bouncing about and randomness.
    • Need at least 25 Familia spots.
    • Raids, top 3 should get a superior, then the rest is random.
    • If players have suggestions, don't tell them to open a ticket. The forum should be where we go to discuss those things. Also with tickets, have an ingame message that tells you where there's a reply. Unless you're a heavy ticket submitter, it's easy to forget to check for a reply.
    • Players who obviously exist to pad others stats should be disabled. There's no real person behind these accounts. When a player is under level 5K and has over a million losses to a handful of players yet doesn't engage in any fights with anyone else, it's obvious what's going on. Likewise the lower level players in Syndicates where these players never level, don't participate in Calendars, get elites etc. We open the tickets, get the we'll look into response and those players continue to exist. If you're going to allow this, then allow it for everyone. Or make it a new character type, the ALT.
    That's for starters. Thanks.
  6. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I would like to see the 2 way mute as well, kinda stupid if mute them, that they see your comments. Some days I can only see maybe 10 messages because a mute babbles on and on. Dunno if KANO has ever tried mute feature on someone that blabs constantly, it cut's down on posts viewable that are not muted.
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  7. Zoe Bell

    Zoe Bell Member

    This is sort of on topic- I feel we need to mute mainly because of the trolls in World chat. It would be really nice if Kano could do something about all the trolling in world chat, like ban the trolls. It's not a pleasant environment for the new players anymore or for the ones who are being trolled by people that enjoy causing drama. It is at the point that most don't even want to look in world chat because there is always some fool in there being a general idiot to anyone in there. It is sad when you can not even go into world chat to say hello to mob and friends without someone punching you or listing you or simply just trolling you. I feel sorry for the new players having to see all of it. I don't understand why the trolls aren't just banned from world chat... I also don't understand why people are banned for defending themselves when someone is trolling them World chat ought to be a place where everyone can go and have fun, with the current stage of world chat it is not a healthy or happy environment for most. I honestly don't know if removing lounge was a good idea, as when we had the lounge it worked as a means to keep it out of world chat. I believe that World chat is a great idea and a necessity in LCN, but the trolls are not. Kano could you please clean it up for us or even re-open lounge but put restrictions upon lounge so it doesn't turn back into what it was. That way there may be at least 1 healthy environment for users to go to, to chat with friends and mob. I am not complaining about Hank (he has a lot of work to do and does a great job), but rather that the chats need to be cleaned up- if the trolls were gone, it would be a much better space for all to enjoy...
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  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I love World chat I mute who i don't want to see, and if it gets boring with the same old same old at times I just close it.
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  9. A N T O N I A

    A N T O N I A New Member

    1. Every player in the game has the right to play IN THEIR OWN WAY - only kano knows who are the real players and who are not - stop accusing players just cause you dont like them - 2. TWO WAY mute would be POINTLESS - when you can just mute a player or close the world chat all together - I LOVE WORLD CHAT - ...if you cant handle the heat - get out of the kitchen its a fighting game.
    3. CLICKABLE LINKS IN WORLD CHAT like it used to be would be great
    4. WARNINGS AND BANS are vital - as PEOPLE tend to forget they are HUMAN in this game !!
    5. More BLITZES :) (its the part your players love)
  10. Ghostie

    Ghostie Member

    Antonia. Your first point - yes, people do have the right to p!ay as they like. So why do you so often try to "influence" them otherwise? I guess that's your way of playing, so that is your right.
    Points 2&4- You have always been one of the worst on any chat for childish rants and personal insults. Some disgusting behaviour.
  11. A N T O N I A

    A N T O N I A New Member

    seems to me you are the only one with the personal attacks - get a life Ghostie :)
  12. Farqu

    Farqu Member

    AND instead of even replying to a thread with ideas from players you then proceed to fix something that wasn't broken. Now to play the lottery it's 2fp's smh. So much for a free game. Smaller players need the income and the free lottery at least gave them a leg up. No incentive anymore for someone to start playing this game. Now poor WC users are also going to spammed with up and coming events from KANO so once again the smaller accounts will be left with no social chat. Woooo Hooo awesome KANO way to go to pulling the plug on a game with one foot in the grave.
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  13. Farqu

    Farqu Member

    Awesome to see KANO give a shit about anything people come to them with ^5 just proved your worth to all across all games.
  14. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    they did increase the familia size so everything wasnt totally ignored. They seem to be working on some of what you asked for. Just maybe not as fast as one might like. While I think making the lottery pay to play is a step in the wrong direction we will just need to wait and see what they come up with next.

    I can not completely blame KANO for this. I stated before that there is a sucker born every minute and people who pay for trash in this game do not do the rest of us any favors on helping this game move ahead in the right direction. Paying 100 favor points for a color change and paying for the battle royale shows KANO that many will flush their fps down the toilet on anything. Even if it hurts everyone else and themselves unknowingly in the long run.

    By their selfish actions it sends the wrong signal to KANO that they can do what they want and always have a crop of people that allow them to get away with it. This makes KANO feel justified. Hence the birth of a pay to play lottery.
  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    We did discuss this post as a team, however it seems we didn't respond to it, which is on us. We do try to respond to posts, but since I've moved into another role here at Kano there isn't a dedicated forum person although I still check in along with Smack when we can.

    To address the largest point, the recent changes we've made to World Chat would made a two-way mute somewhat redundant as we're promoting the use of private Chat groups to curate your Chat experience. I can see how it would have been handy previously, but with your own Chat groups you can avoid or remove players that you don't enjoy talking to and as an upside we are going to try and avoid moderating Chat groups so you can avoid getting bans that way. Exceptions will be made for extreme cases, but we also said that about the Lounge and look how that went. We'll try to stick to it this time.

    We did release the 25 Familia spots, but I can see that our recent quality of life additions are looking a little slim compared to some other stuff. We'll be trying to get better about having a good balance of the types of changes we make going forward.
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  16. Irnbru

    Irnbru Member

    mitch will you guys look into tweaking warmode- give it some rewards
    make it so your guild has to register.
    if you have to make it a 1 week outta 4 or every other week event i dunno.
    warmode is your bread n butter but you dont even know it, this would make v.c way more active.
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  17. Karen Harsanye

    Karen Harsanye New Member

    don't know where to put this but why in the world do you not have Group A's fighting A's and B's fighting B's in syndicate war---the lower levels never have a chance when it is like this ----CAN'T YOU CHANGE THIS--PLEASE!.....THANKS--NEVER GET A REPLY FROM THE DEVELOPERS--WISH THEY COULD TELL ME WHY...LOSING INTEREST AND GOING TO ANOTHER GAME WHERE IT IS FAIRER--SORRY i AM JUST DISGUSTED ABOUT THIS..SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS-HIT WRONG BUTTON

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