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  1. lapsedpacifist

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    Hello, I have been looking and asking around a good bit and cannot find a wiki or any guide which contains the basic formulas used to determine the outcome of game events. There are scattered explanations of how certain aspects work.

    However, I know that myself and many, many other players would appreciate it so much if the Devs could take the time to post what documentation they have on how the game actually works.

    I do not mean trade secrets or code. Just the formulas, multipliers, and logic that determines key aspects of gameplay. Most of these things are entirely opaque or can only be inferred through long experience.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  2. derouyag

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    Min Health Limit = 20% of Max Health

    e.g. 10,000 Max Health, 2,000 Min Health Limit

    So while you are fighting or killing a boss etc. you use 1 stamina as you get close to the Min Health Limit. Get as close as you can without going under. Now select a large amount of stamina (you feel comfortable with), and Attack again. Now you can let your character regen without being attacked.

    For each health it is about 2.5 minutes, for each stamina is about 2 minutes. Your stamina and much of your energy will be replenished in the time it takes to replenish the health back up to the Min Health Limit. 200 health times 2.5 = 500 minutes = 8 hours 20 minutes.

    Just one (of many) of my strategies.
  3. hi2all2004

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    Yes, I do same as you. My healthy limits its around 1030, so I go close to it and then I make a power attak to go and stay in hospital, so other mobs don't attak me cos i'm to weak to fight. I do this to don't appear on fight list and also when I have to go to work.
    Anyone know the RG41 Rolling Thunder Hidden Blueprint combination please?

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