[ZS] This week at KANO.. TGIF.. calm before the storm edition!

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    Battle Arena Update
    Here's some news about Battle Arena from our game designer. If you're unfamiliar with what all this talk of Battle Arena is, check out these two threads.

    This week we broke ground on development of the Battle Arena. Programming has started on building the framework. Game Design has completed the first pass on the features, we are in the process of creating mockups of screens we want to show you, the player. These mockups cover everything from the joining screen, to fight lists, battle output, live feeds, leaderboards and prize payouts. Our Content and Creative teams will have some screenshots of Battle Arena mockups available for public consumption soon! Hopefully I will have an opportunity to post these in next week's TGIF.

    Q1 2012 Player Survey
    This past Monday, we posted a survey to all of our games, there is a link in the player user bar (next to Leaderboard) in the game where you can take the survey if you haven't already. This survey will help us pinpoint a direction that people would like to see us take the game in. We've had thousands of responses already, keep it up, thanks!

    Email Stuff
    Good news! Our development staff have recently been putting the finishing touches on some behind the scenes system changes that will allow us to start doing some regular email campaigns! We hope to kick it off soon by sending out our first quarterly newsletter at the end of this month. To those who constantly remind us, yup, there will be some free offers & rewards contained in the letter for giving us your email address. ;) We will have all kinds of news about what's going on at KANO/APPS and game news. Look for it soon. If you're on MySpace, you can provide your email in the top bar of the game. Facebook users have a progress bar at the top that will disappear when you provide an email amongst other things.

    Dev Changes
    • Survey added to header along with 1 time modal popup
    • Facebook Only - bottom gamebar for FB page redesigned

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