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    Happy Mother's day to all our players, if you are a mother, or have a mother let them know that moms rule! We hope you're enjoying our special Mother's Day Calendar this weekend. If you're not in the know about it, join the discussion, or Play Now! Not into the whole Mother's Day Calendar thing, how about you check out this week's poll on our app page! This week has been another busy week at KANO/APPS, we've got lots going on read on for more in this week's TGIF.

    In community this week, we've got a number of things on the go. We sent out one newsletter this past week and bumped into a number of technical snags along the way. We're still committed to sending out the newsletters for other games as soon as we resolve these problems. Look for those in a week or so. I've been spending time collating responses to our game surveys and am anxious to share results with the players! Fun fact from the survey, the most requested feature we do more of in Zombie Slayer is: Mini Games!

    Next week, myself and Wonder Bread are going to start looking for volunteers who are game knowledgeable and enjoy helping others to participate in each game's Support area. Speaking of mods, I want to take a moment to extend a special thanks to our volunteer moderator team. They have been critical in helping out around here, helping to transition myself and Dan into the team and the games. Who are the mods? I'm glad you asked, here's a list!
    • The KING
    • Dylan Mcallister
    • Jon Ward
    • Linda
    • kayjay
    • Relentless

    This week in NetOps. Meet our IT guy, John "schniggedy"
    Most of my job is to ensure that the infrastructure doesn't affect the lives of players in any noticable way. Development happens fast around here, and the network needs to be able to grow to support it. For the past few weeks I've been putting together a high-level long-term strategy to make the network more scalable and efficent. To start with we'll be improving our processes for managing network changes - how we plan them, how we implement them, and how to reduce impact to our players. Next we'll work on configuration and deployment and look for ways to get features out to games faster and easier. After that we'll focus on how we deliver all the different services that the games depend on - web severs, databases, monitoring, etc - and look for opportunities to streamline the network. Finally, we'll take everything we've learned and start again from the beginning. Like I said, this is a long-term strategy, but by making continous, incremental improvements and quick iterations we'll be able to keep pace with the development cycle.

    This week in Dev!
    • New Location - Vancouver (Outbreaks, Properties)
    • Quarterly Email was released
    • Mothers Day 3 day Calendar May 11th - 14th

    Mobile Changes coming on Monday!
    Squad Contracts
    • View your Contracts on a players profile
    • Publish Contracts Request
    • Disable/Enable individual recruits
    • Accept Contracts/Recruit request from your Feed

    Property Income
    • Property Income
    • Total Inventory Upkeep
    • Hourly Income

    Play Now!

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    MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/games/play/185391
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