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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by General D, May 17, 2011.

  1. General D

    General D Member

    This game is supposed too be a fun fighting game but now you got Factions Hiding and now UN fight blocks whats the point in playing if everyone hides now i'm probably gonna quit and i know lots more getting fed up Kano your wrecking a game that was alot of fun
  2. thats your opinion

    others have other opinions

    if it were permanent blockage then id disagree

    but it cost 10 points and only 2 weeks
  3. LittleAizu

    LittleAizu Member

    true... if they wanna use 10 uns.. and spend it that way that's there problem :eek::)
  4. General D

    General D Member

    I'n saying this

    You don't think the two head honchos aren't gonna block everyone they don't like ruins a fun game and does it block attacker only and if blocker attacks does it get removed are there limits too how many i think it gonna wreck the game as faction hiding already is
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  5. let them block

    move on to other targets

    you cant attack the ones you block so it works both ways

    HOWEVER if you attack in a 24hr frame you should have to wait till your attack count resets
  6. General D

    General D Member

    you don't think money spenders abuse

    This will wreck a game blocking fights in a fighting game is the stupidest thing ive ever heard of may as well put tissues as weapons carebears as gear and short buses as vehicles cause the crybabys have won
  7. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Not too big a deal except for people with credit cards. There should be a limit to how many you can block. I know if I had money to spend I'd be abusing this feature. This game is already skewed in favor of people who pay now they get immunity too?
    Higher level fight lists are already small enough now stronger players who spend alot of time fighting are going to get blocked from weaker players.:mad:
  8. its not permanent like some apps where once you block someone its forever

    and i said it in my last post but will say it again

    move on to other targets

    if they block they cant attack the ones they blocked either

    seriously the whining NEEDS TO STOP
  9. Ace

    Ace Member

    Yay! Now I can go, chainlist some guy, hide on the blocking thingie and they can't pick on anyone else since I can hide my faction members!

    Three cheers for Kano, I thought the faction hiding was their worst update, but this just changed my mind!
  10. baha

    baha Member

    The point is if the Big spenders (and we in FB ZS know who they are) spend more UN to hide from attacks then really whats the point ??WE all got there up to now, without it~! If it ain't broke why throw a munkey wrench into it~!!
    I think more ppl will be shaking their heads over the consequences~!!
    AND whats with blocking the rest of the factions from seeing each other ?? that seems to defeat the situation especially if there is more than one FACTION GROUP to watch over ??
    I know u can see enemy Camps but what about ur own factions???
    NO MORE HIDE AND SEEK TY~!!!!Game is a fighting game~!!
  11. move on to other targets

    provoke a fight

    move on
  12. Poohbear

    Poohbear New Member

    Ha talking about game not fun anymore...All you tools on here like Pog, Dil, etc etc are nothing but bullies. You take all the fun out of the game when all you do is attack punch and hit list. Blood lines was nothing like this, at least when you were put on the hl you couldn't attack a lower lvl than you for trying to take you off the hl. All you darn bullies are the ones making this game not being fun anymore. For those that ain't happy with the way Kano is doing ( i am happy with it) then leave and go play somewhere else, won't no one miss you.......
  13. There should at least be a counter-bubble allowing us to pay the same UN to break through their bubble and attack them despite their feline attempt to escape the inevitable (for two weeks).

    Then there should be a 23hour cooldown on blowing bubbles to stop this turning into a UN-buying epidemic of you bubble me, but i counter you to which i release my plastic axe (to buy more) and rebubble you and the cycle continues until one player runs out of money.
    In real life.
  14. i disagree on some updates ive made that known

    but never ever ever ever ever ever did i dwell on it for very long

    maybe a few arguments but never THIS much

    seriously whining over updates for long periods of time makes you the crybaby


    move on to other targets

    move on and stop complaining

    sheesh you only make yourself look bad over complaining
  15. Ace

    Ace Member

    Well, you don't "whine" but you are seriously lacking arguments, what's your best argument? Get over it? Stop whining? That's bullshit.

    There's nothing said on why this update can be of any good other than having a lot of weaklings paying a few hundred dollars so they can avoid being bullied.
  16. malific

    malific Member

    Considering you´ve just joined the games based on your forum membership creation, I´d say YOU should be the one going to play elsewhere... I´d like to think people who played the game all along deserve more credit.

    And BTW, game gives you enough ways of handling 'bullies'... What´s the point for a high level character, who gets punched/listed by a lowling, in not attacking back? You can only kill that slayer once (leaving punch kills aside) and there´s ambushes/booby traps to avoid that happening easily. People should definitely learn to play the game and stop whining like toddlers.
  17. General D

    General D Member

    Its a fighting game

    Anything that takes away from the point this is a FIGHTING GAME is a step in the wrong direction this a game about fighting ZOMBIES you think they would be oh wait can't eat them were blocked LOL its silly fight or play something else this game is not for the weak play hard or move on don't wreck the game for others KANO dropped the ball they messed with a highly successful game and i think its gonna cost them alot of players thats my opinion
  18. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Why is it they have all this time for updates hindering fighting and they can't seem to get us coop bosses and challenges! If they don't want us fighting then what are we supposed to spend our time doing?????:eek:
  19. Ace

    Ace Member

    Roger that, so many things to stop fighting and still not a Coop Boss for EGYPT, which came out in January or something like that.
  20. AresDeimos

    AresDeimos Member

    you know you keep saying the same thing over and over get over it move on find new targets blah blah blah do you even play fb zombies??? if you haven't noticed its not one person crying or whining its a hell of alot of the people that actually play the app not a select few and some of us in this feed and the others even war with each other daily on that game yet we all agree that this update is bogus... stop voicing your opinion on what we are doing and pay us no mind unless your a spokesperson for kano...... repeating yourself over and over is getting tiresome seeing the amount of people that are having a issue with this update maybe you should take that into consideration instead of being a parrot and repeating yourself over and over again... its a justifiable issue for alot of us so let us have our say and let kano actually come along and see how many people have a issue with it without you being there parrot

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