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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by RAGM, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. RAGM

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    NEW CHALLENGES death deals and shooter are BOREING!



    id allso like to see a boss that gives UN after a certain level just like on VC!

    more HITLIST achievements!

    more WINS achievements!

    more PROPERTY achievements!

    more VAULT achievements!

    FACTION achievements!
  2. So what

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    hitlist achivement

    RIDE for an hour AUTO OFF game kills u off and you get a bonus ( suggesting no loss of exp )

    wheres the new boss achivements ? 25 - 50 - 100
    its almost 2 years now ...where are they


    new bosses ........... its getting a bit stale ????????
    thanks thomasina


    NEW CHALLENGES death deals and shooter are BOREING!



    FACTION achievements!

    These I can get behind. I don't know how to rate this idea, though.
  4. Full Squad, New World Boss, No More Challenges, NO! fraction wars, Frcation Bosses, More Property, More Vault, Theres already fraction Achievements! its called GP, More Hitlist, and Full Squad Stamina Boost!
    I give 7
    because the challenges are fine and if they had Fraction wars on Zombie Slayer then since YESS is the strongest fraction in the whole game they'll win the Fraction war every time because of Mayhem And Havoc AMP, PHROST, Slugger TLPC, Arrogant Menace and all those big ass holes!
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  5. Relentless

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    Don't let that discourage you from wanting faction wars, Cameron.

    There is always going to be one or a couple of factions that are very strong. It doesn't mean they will always sit at the top. Things change, players move on or change their views. Faction wars would bring a lot of fun into the game that it has been lacking for some time.

    Over time and with some hard work, you to could be a big ass hole :D
  6. RAGM

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    LOL yes they have some high levels. but THERE HARDLY EVER ON! faction wars would be from points if there hardly ever on they cant get as many points as other factions so YESS. WOULD NOT win. in all honesty HM or TF would win.
  7. but i've been in TF before so everyone in that fraction im squad with so i can't attack them at all!
  8. The Protector

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    Ok,it just HAS to be said.What is this "fraction" that's being mentioned?I know what a "faction" is.I don't see how a "fraction war" would work,but can see how "faction wars" would.
  9. alka

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    Ryan, I gave it 10.

    It makes no difference who the Faction are it's the guys in it. If you've got a stack of players who's major achievement for the day is GP's then you wouldn't win. However, if you got a team of guys who are prepared to cover each others backs then you'll have success.

    Faction wars would only work if you were able to attack anyone, including friends but not faction members.
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  10. Jon Ward

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    I am trying to work with you guys more now about using certain words or naming players as cheats. What you may find non offensive others might find offensive. So instead of deleting your posts entirely. I am just going to be removing the selected names or words so you can still make your points and be heard by others still.
  11. Kendall

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    More achievements were released today to ZS and more achievements are on the way, moving this one to accepted.

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