[VC] The Raid Boss is Now Available!

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    Summoning the Raid Boss

    To summon the Raid Boss you’ll need to collect four keys from across various Locations within the game. The keys will drop from the quests within the Locations. There are four Locations tied to each the Raid Boss. The Raid Boss’ strength is tied to the Location that you earned the keys from, not the player who summons it.


    The chance of a key dropping from a quest will be scaled to the Energy cost of quests in a given location, so the highest Energy requirement quest in a Location will have the highest chance of dropping the key.


    There will be a new user interface module that will show you how many keys you’ve accumulated and will allow you to travel to the next Location you can earn a key from. Extra keys in your inventory when the Raid Boss event ends can be manually turned in for reimbursement. Keys do not have any uses outside of summoning a Raid Boss.


    hovering over a key will open this interface

    The Raid Group

    Once you have all the requisite keys, you can start a Raid Boss. Raid Bosses work a little differently than our current Co-op or Single Bosses in that you can have up to 30 members in your Raid group.

    The makeup of the Raid Boss group is such that you can only have 10 members in each level “tier”, which are divided into (by level): low to mid, mid to high, and high and above. Raid Bosses are private by default and each level tier will have a specific invite code tied to it. Only players that are inside the correct level range can use their tier code to join a Raid Boss. You can refresh invite codes on a per tier basis, which will invalidate any previous codes. If you follow an invite link to a Raid Boss, perform an action (attack or heal) before leaving the page otherwise you will not be entered as a member of the Raid.


    Raid Bosses can be shared publicly just like regular Bosses, but you are still limited to 30 members with 10 from each level tier.

    The Raid group shares a Health pool calculated from the group’s overall Health and Defense skill points. The stats are a snapshot of the individual player’s skill point values when they join the Raid. The Raid group Health pool will update when new members join the Raid. You can replenish lost Raid group health with Energy. Every time you attack a Raid Boss, the Raid group Health pool will be diminished, not personal health, so if the entire Raid group is attacking the Raid Boss simultaneously without healing, it is possible to lose to the Raid Boss. As Raid group Health goes down, damage done to the boss will decrease, so keep your group healthy!

    Fighting the Raid Boss

    The Raid Boss interface will be largely similar to our existing Boss fight interface, with a couple notable differences. The main difference is that in addition to the Attack and Power Attack options, there is a “Heal Raid” button which uses Energy.


    The Raid Boss will hit back very hard, so it’s worth it for the Raid group to have a balanced party of attack-oriented players and defense-oriented ones. As mentioned above, if the Raid group continues to attack the Raid Boss without dropping some Energy points into replenishing the Health pool, the Raid Boss will “kill” the group.

    If the Raid group is wiped out, the Raid Boss’ health resets to full, along with the Raid group’s health.

    The Raid Boss has a random chance to drop Energy when you attack it, but it will not drop items on a per attack basis.

    Killing the Raid Boss

    When a Raid Boss is defeated, each player involved has a chance to earn one of several special new items if you do 250 unique actions during the Raid (for example healing the Raid is 25 Energy, so that would count as 25 unique actions). This item is special in that it has purple text which will be displayed when you visit another player’s profile or view it in your inventory (you can also see a tooltip pop-up of the item on the Raid Boss interface). The items dropped by the Raid Boss will be have attributes that are close in power to current Limited items. The player who summons the Raid Boss will earn a guaranteed drop once the Raid Boss is killed the first time they summon.

    There is no limit to the number of Raid Bosses you can summon or participate in over the duration of the event. Once a Raid Boss is killed there is no “cool-down” period and you can immediately start another one if you have the requisite keys. Raid Bosses do not gain a level or grow in strength each time they are killed (trust us, they will be tough enough as it is!).
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    Thanks Mitch :)
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  3. Rag Na Rok

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    Found the keys, started the boss fight a short time ago, no one can join. I copied the links to the lower left of the boss, sent to people, they all report back 'must be invited to join'... But I thought I was inviting them... Is this a bug or something..?
  4. mi7ch

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    Please ensure that you are sending the links to people within the correct level range for the links. Once people are invited, they need to perform an action (attack or heal) in order to officially join the Raid.

    If you are sending out the correctly gated links and the invites still aren't working, we might be looking at a bug. Please report back and let us know!
  5. Rag Na Rok

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    I am definitely sending the correct links to the correct levels, no-one seems able to join...
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  6. mi7ch

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    The developers are on it, either they or I will drop an update in the thread.

    Are you hitting "generate link" every time you send out a new one? Doing so will invalidate the old invite links.
  7. Kirsten

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    Yup got an invite but cannot join, hopefully soon :)
  8. ben

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    i see this to be alt city ... what a bad ideal kano WOW
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  9. Grand Master Fielding

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    Let me be as polite as one can possibly be. The RAID boss is the stupidest thing I've ever seen on this game, and I've been loving Viking Clan for near 5 years now. Whatever the developers were thinking when it came to the RAID bosses is beyond me.
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    [​IMG] Confirmed working on Viking Clan Kanoplay server 2
  11. GoddessFreyja

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    I posted the link in my guild feed and they can't join; says they need an invite. So I post the link in our guild chat and they still can't join. I click on Generate Link for each of the levels and nothing happens. Either I'm really stupid or this isn't working right....HELP!
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  12. mi7ch

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    Once you have sent out a link, don't click Generate Link, that will invalidate old invite links.
  13. mi7ch

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    Assuming someone has ten alts within all three level ranges, and were able to control the 29 other accounts in order to effectively combat the raid boss.
  14. mi7ch

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    What exactly is your issue?
  15. Gazember

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    I think they wanted to give some new content for the low lvl players, as they always moaned at every new location.
    I wonder if at high lvls its worth the trouble, if with the energy needed to unlock the boss and spent on heals I could do dozens of high lvl adventure drops, and with the stamina hundreds of high lvl boss drops.
    I spent over 1500 energy and now have only one key... and after I joined on someones boss, his health already reseted back to full at least 5 times :)
  16. Zudomon

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    What happens if you Reshare to job chat or guild? will that validate it again?
  17. mi7ch

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    Only the buttons that say "Generate Link" will invalidate previous links.
  18. Dexter E Hunter

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    Are the key's in the same job for every player, so if a key is found in North midgard & its adventure is reveled by someone then we know where to look as I've just wasted 500+ energy trying multiple jobs in North Midgard with no luck :(
  19. mi7ch

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    No, the keys are randomly dropped by Adventure in a Location, so it is not the same. The highest Energy Adventure has the greatest chance.
  20. PeteVH

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    This is very similar to another game I played, and I love WTG Kano! (Even if only 2 days seems a bit short of time.)

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