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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Was there a new tiering put in? All of a sudden, went from B division to A. We lost a player. Didn't add anyone. So why'd we move up? We're mostly T1 with some T2s, and no T3s. How are we in A with all the big boys?
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  2. Alfredo Scarface

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    I presume you mean the player you lost was someone who was in the top 15, because otherwise it wouldn't have made a difference. Not really sure why that might happen, so can only offer speculation. They might have a set % of synds that are A, B, C etc. and if a larger amount of synds joined compared to before, then there'd be more synds that qualify as As overall, and more of the others too. Speculation, obviously, and can't say for sure that's it.
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    Yeah : you have 20% of syndicates in A, B, C, D, E. So if you have 50 syndicates which joined the SW, the 10 strongest will be in A division, the 10 next ones in B division, ... the 10 weakest ones will be in division E.
    Who are the 10 strongest ? It is calculated by your total Syndicate skills (top 15 members) against all others in the war.
    Syndicate skills = Skills Points spent in Att + Def+ Health.
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  5. Seppo

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    chewie he is with mine, Afredo i mean in server one like u are in mine in kong
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    The skill/power threshold for syndicate tiers isn't static and changes depending on not only your syndicate's strength but the strength of syndicates around you. Here are a few examples in how your tier can change:

    If in a previous war where you were the strongest B tier, and the lowest A tier syndicate does not join next round then you would bump up to fill its place. At least on kongregate, when Omerta NTMF (The main syndicate of the 2 NTMF's) doesn't join a B syndicate usually gets bumped up to A tier.

    Likewise, you could out grow the syndicate above you in power/skills. It could be that you simply level up more and heap a load of points into the syndicate war relevant skills [health, attack and defence]. Let's say you had 100 skill points between you all at B tier #1 and the bottom A tier had 110 skills in war 1. If between war 1 and 2 you grew by 50% but the A tier synd only grew by 25% then you would out rank them as you would have 150 skill points but the other syndicate would only have 137 skill points (rounded down).

    Another option would be that the syndicate above you lost a big player/more players than you. Therefore, they have got weaker than you in the period of war 1 to war 2 and thus you're bumped up to A tier even though you also got weaker.

    As for tier splits and splitting, last war on Kongregate and Armor the tiers were split 10/9/10/9/9. It does roughly follow an equal split [As Chewie eluded to] but without Kano weighing in on how they calculate thresholds it would be difficult to determine why there isn't quite an even split across all the tiers. Some would say it would be speculation, I like to speculate...

    Sooooooo, you could say they use a potential top loading, so you'd have a 20% split for each tier with A filling first then B and vice versa but I believe that would be a bit crude. You'd likely mix in something along the lines of a power difference model as well. So your tiers would be split roughly 20% each with the grouping being such as to minimise the power difference between those within the tier where possible. With borderline syndicates, a bit like pokemon tier balancing (weird crossover I know), you would weigh up the amount a syndicate in question would be too overpowered for the tier below and how underpowered they would be in the tier above and the strength comparison to the nearest neighbours.

    As for how you'd fill the tiers with this model, start from the top and compare down. Using Kong & Armor as an example, starting with 47 syndicates you want at least 9 in each tier (the top load). So you round up the 9 strongest and bung them into A tier. Then you fill your B tier (provisionally) with the next 9 strongest etc. etc. down to E rank. We will calculate the balance of power across all the tiers (How much power difference is there between top and bottom, what is the average power difference between neighbouring syndicates in the list) and call these values "A results".

    Now the discerning among you will go "But what about the 2 left over?". Ahah, well we'd first take the strongest B tier syndicate and bump them up to A and promote the strongest C tier to B and continue down the list of tiers (leaving us one left over - for now). We will then calculate the power differences and call these values "B results".

    If the power differences across Tier A and Tier B are greater in "A results" than in "B results", then we'll bump the strongest B tier into A tier. Of course this could lead to a scenario of Tier A power difference is small but Tier B is larger and vice versa. In this case, it's up to the devs on how they want to weight tier balance. Applying a weighting/preference to protect lower tier balance, protecting the smaller synds from the big bois a bit more, would in this case prioritise the results that produced a lower power difference in B tier.

    Not sure if that answers you're question but hopefully an understanding of how they potentially balance everything will clear up how you've changed tiers in the wrong way (for you at least - I'm sure the big boys love the easier wp's haha).
  7. To add to this - if some snowflake cheaters' syndicate whose name shall remain unspoken (lest Kano get their knickers in a twist again) start mass producing new syndicates with newmade alts, and join them with SW in order to boost their own scores, that can/will create divisions with more synds in them , and can thus suck in previously top B and C division synds into a higher div.
  8. henk pieters

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    Well Kano, please explain the following to me, why are players capable of attacking me 30 times in 5 seconds....BUT does it take 3 to 5 seconds for me to get a hit in SW.........
  9. Kirsten

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    Long weekend for kano , monday is a holiday for them so ya may not hear back till the come back to the office. but I will tell you your internet service, a gaming mouse , a laptop , computer the settings or even playing from a phone all have different outcomes almost forgot, experience in clicking in a clicking game.
  10. henk pieters

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    TY Kirsten, does more as 5 years playing Mafia Wars with Zynga count, and a little more as over 3 years now with not exactly a newbie in 1st computer ran using MS - Dos, follow up was Windows 95....and this issue has only started for about 6 weeks/2 months ago...never had a problem before.....and we all know the rumours of script using, it was script using at the end of the day what destroyed Zynga's Mafia Wars.
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    Mafia wars no does not count this is a different game lol we all also know now that you brought it up, how many people in the game would just set the script and go about their day and they kamis and alts would do all the work, but I used windows years ago, and windows sucks, I suggest you get a mac lol and or send in a ticket to support cause ya not gonna get kano to look at anything by posting in the forum, but again a gaming mouse which can be programmed and is not against the TOS is more likely what you may be seeing, or someone who can click very fast or is using something else.
  12. Wilhelmus Waanders

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    Deaths and Respawning
    When your Syndicate health is reduced to zero you die and go into a 15 minute respawn wait time. During this time you cannot heal or attack other Syndicates. Deaths also have a price, you will lose your War Points reward from your last kill.
  13. jagdverband_44

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    I'm somewhat confused as to how elevation and demotion work in Syn Wars. My mob was sitting in Div C for a long time occasionally finishing in the top 10, but mostly around 13-15, and clocking up an average of around 600K points each war. The last two wars, we've been elevated to Div B, which wouldn't ordinarily be a problem since we folded a subsidiary mob, booted a couple of dead weight players and added the actives from our Div E team. Where I have a problem with it is that we were elevated to Div B from an average 13-15th place finish per war in Div C, while syndicates in Div C that routinely finish in the top 5 and score 1.4m+ points per war stay in Div C. Their scores in Div C would keep them competitive in the top 20 of Div B, but they stay in Div C while a syndicate that finishes 14th on average with half the points per war gets moved up to Div B and falls to mid-60s in the rankings.

    How does that make any sense? If any syndicate needs to be moved from C to B for any reason, it should rightly be the syndicate that finishes consistently in the top 5, not a team that struggles to crack the top 10.
  14. JADES

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    Uses highest stat's of 15 players, so even weeding out inactives doesn't make you weaker. The highers most likely leveled up more to put you into devision B.
  15. BoReGuard

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    Skills are determined correct me if I'm wrong, is the accumulation of Health, Attack and Defense
  16. kay-Anne,hi.if y want to relax dont show up, easy. But pls dont say take away things like RAID BOSS.I make a choice evry time with my syndicate, we play or do not play.example when the game starts at 1 am ( philippines) then we doNOT participate.The RAIDs are spectacular, you decide if y play, simple like that. regards and have fun and relax.
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    i dont see why we need to lose war points. Isnt needing to wait to respawn punishmwnt enough? Its already bad we need the A division with their fingers in each event spoiling the fun. Spending all their money on a game instead of taking care their kids.
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    its to much,
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