The Official Guild Wars (Round One) Feedback Thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Please use this thread for Guild War discussion and feedback! Check out the following help summary of rules and gameplay:

    Guild War links:


    Kano Play Server 2:

    The Guild leader or officer can register a Guild for a War, once registered other members can join. Your Guild must be two weeks or older to join.


    Guilds are placed in Division tiers A through E (A being the top skilled Guild). Your division tier is calculated by your total Guild skills (top 15 members) against all others in the war.


    Guild strengths are calculated from the top 15 joined Guild members which all contribute to the Guilds attack / defence / health. If you do not have more than 15 members you will take the stats of all registered members. Once the war begins the stats are saved for the duration of the war. When initiating a battle each player is equipped with the strengths of their Guild along with their individual armed attacks strength which cnotributes to thei minimum damage against. Attacking another Guild will use Stamina and War Tokens. Keep your health up by healing to maximize the War Points received on attacks, if your health drops you may see slightly lower War Point rewards.

    Battle Perks

    Along with taking your total Guild strengths into battle, there is also some variability added in each attack using the following Perk.
    Attack - Minimum Damage Bonus - The greater percentage of skills in attack and your armed attack is the more minimum damage you will do to a target.
    Defence - Energy Heal Bonus - The greater percentage of skills in defense and your armed defence the more you can heal your Guild.

    Battle Rewards

    Players will receive XP, War Points and random Battle Drops for attacking target Guilds. The amount of War Points are dependant on a win/loss or kill. War points are further modified by a couple other factors, the division of the target Guild and how many kills you've had against the target Guild. The division bonus is greatest at Division A Guilds. The kill bonus degrades the more times you kill the same Guild.

    Deaths and Respawning

    When your Guild health is reduced to zero you die and go into a 15 minute respawn wait time. During this time you cannot heal or attack other Guilds. Deaths also has a price, you will lose your War Points reward from your last kill.


    Players will be allowed to spend War Tokens to heal their Guild and will get XP for each heal action. Your Guild can heal a total of 400 times over a 1 hour period (since the first heal occured). Heal allocations will replenish if you respawn or the 2 hour period completes.

    Leaderboard Rewards

    The top 20% of Guilds will be rewarded with the currently listed rewards. Guild War trophies are planned for a future release.

    Ending a War

    The Guild war ends when the timer runs out. Guilds will be ranked by War Points and will be listed on the leaderboard accordingly.
  2. Do U Even Click M8?

    Do U Even Click M8? New Member

    A few things:
    1. The page is not loading properly yet
    2. I don't like this idea. I feel like it will end up being like the Battle Arena. Anybody else get the same vibe?
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Not something I find particularly interesting at this point of my gaming experience, but it definitely sounds like it might have been worth a whirl back in the day. Kudos to Kano for their continuous efforts to make things new and exciting for all their players. I hope to see a positive turnout and to hear nothing but positive reviews. VC is a great game .....take part and share your experiences here in the forums. TY Kano and good luck to all its players!
  4. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    i dont know, it sounds a bit different and im quite curious to see how its played. from the description it seems like a stamina drain but that doesnt mean it wont be fun...we'll see i guess haha good luck to all!
  5. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    This looks like the same as armada wars on Pirate Clan. I have played it once on FB, and I leveled like crazy (only level 1800+ there). Not as action filled as the arena, but I would say lets check it out people........
  6. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    Ok I've now read the governing rules three times and still absolutely mystified... What are War Tokens.. How are they earned and what is their correlation with the use of Stamina???? I know it will probably become apparent soon enough but can somebody fill me in pls.. Thx in advance..
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Heres a thread that talks about armada wars in pc, diff game but i think its pretty much the same thing.!&highlight=armada+wars
  8. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    Thx for getting back to me but just seems like the same text with Armada being substituted for the word Guild...
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im sure your right about the intro by Kano. I figured u might want to read what the players were saying about it. They tend to be more informative than Kano themselves
  10. Rag Na Rok

    Rag Na Rok New Member

    Several of my guild members are interested in this feature, but like Lawskar I'm also very unclear about it all. I am particularly concerned about how much each guild member is expected to contribute and is coordination of play going to be possible when you have members across different time zones? Often features in the game are America / Canada-centric - my players are roughly half in the US and half in Europe. If some do not contribute, does this affect the whole guild's output in the guild wars? And we are traditionally not a War Guild, in the old sense of it, we don't go looking for trouble. Will participation in this feature open us up to attacks from other guilds outside of the Guild Wars 'arena'..?
  11. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    its a 4 day event with ALL members contributing to your final warpoint total. as long as you dont reveal your guild link, nobody will know who you are outside of the wars unless individual members tell people outside of the guild
  12. Rag Na Rok

    Rag Na Rok New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Having tried it I get it a lot more now. Those of us in my guild that took part quite enjoyed it, however the tokens go down very quickly even with the 4 permitted refills and it was over very fast (till tomorrow when we will play some more) But I can't be spending lots on extra FPs for this, too expensive, I have a strict 'budget' in the game :)
  13. Adam Maguire

    Adam Maguire Member

    Battle Arena for guilds, I like it.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2013
  14. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    I am absolutely thrilled with the new Guild Wars format.. It's great you can indiscriminately attack guilds without petty squabbles developing. You get xp for shedding tokens and battle drops to boot.

    The refills are limited so it's not always the guys with the longest purse strings who have the advantage all of the time. The fight physics are much fairer than the War game. It's a tacticians dream ticket and I must say a whole lotta fun to play..

    I have heard some users are not happy with the token refill size being set at 50 but to be fair you'd spend 3fp's on a challenge click anyway. Overall roughly proportional I'd say..

    Yep in short It's a slow burner with plenty of time to go off doing other bits and bobs without having to concentrate for extended periods on one thing at a time and a hearty congrats from me on this one Devs!!
  15. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Sorry, but I disagree with you on the refills. It's not fair at all to get a 50 token refill when paying with FP's! We should be getting a FULL refill!!!!

    The rest I pretty much agree with, but the Token Refill really sucks!
  16. toxi

    toxi New Member

    Have to agree this refill token thing really sucks
  17. I like it, but then again we are kicking ass so far. It's a hybrid of Guild Wars and Arena. One suggestion, have a search like Arena does por favor :eek:
  18. Dexter E Hunter

    Dexter E Hunter New Member

    I'm really enjoying GW's, as I feel like it brings the guild together in a common goal. The xp gained is simply awesome, I've managed nearly 40 lvl's since it started, wouldn't have managed it otherwise. It's good the fact that the likes of the credit card brigade won't ruin it & run away with all the prizes; it's nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. Well done Kano for bringing this to VC.
  19. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Well The Guild Wars are over now, I must say I really like it all EXCEPT for the Refills! When you start out with 300 Tokens ans only get 50 Tokens on a Refill, seems like we are really getting ripped off! The Refills SUCK big time!

    Other than that it all seems pretty fair, which is really nice because it's not "a given" the the biggest, baddest, Guild will win all the time!

    The fact that we are limited to 4 Refills a day keeps everything fair to all, I think!
  20. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    i agree....great new feature but the 50 token refill is a joke....make it 500-1000 tokens and refills complete and you have a winner kano
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