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  1. mi7ch

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    Please leave any feedback, comments or suggestions for Guild Wars here!

    Help Document:

    The Guild leader or officer can register a Guild for a War, once registered other members can join. Your Guild must be two weeks or older to join. You may opt-out before a Guild War begins, but not after it starts.

    Guilds are placed in Division tiers A through E (A being the top skilled Guild). Your division tier is calculated by your total Guild skills (top 15 members) against all others in the war.

    Guild strengths are calculated from the top 15 joined Guild members which all contribute to the Guilds attack / defense / health. If you do not have more than 15 members you will take the stats of all registered members. Once the war begins the stats are saved for the duration of the war. When initiating a battle each player is equipped with the strengths of their Guild along with their individual armed attacks strength which contributes to their minimum damage against. Attacking another Guild will use Stamina and War Tokens. Keep your health up by healing to maximize the War Points received on attacks, if your health drops you may see slightly lower War Point rewards.

    War Tokens
    Every member of your Guild starts off with 200 out of the total 300 War Tokens. You refill one Token every 2:42. Every person gets a total of four 50 Token refills a day, which needs to be done manually. You may gift Tokens to other members of your Guild as long as they are not at the 300 maximum or have passed their total number of manual refills for one day. The one Token refill will continue past the manual refill limit as long as you are not at the 300 Token maximum.

    To gift another Guild member a Token, provided they are not at their maximum, in the members view page click their token count link.

    Battle Perks
    Along with taking your total Guild strengths into battle, there is also some variability added in each attack using the following Perk.

    Attack - Minimum Damage Bonus - The greater percentage of skills in your armed attack the more minimum damage you will do to a target.
    Defense - Heal Bonus - The greater percentage of skills in your armed defense the more you can heal your Guild.

    Battle Rewards
    Players will receive XP, War Points and random Battle Drops for attacking target Guilds. The amount of War Points are dependent on a win/loss or kill. War Points are further modified by a couple other factors, the division of the target Guild and how many kills you've had against the target Guild. The division bonus is greatest at Division A Guilds. The kill bonus degrades the more times you kill the same Guild.

    Deaths and Respawning
    When your Guild health is reduced to zero you die and go into a 15 minute respawn wait time. During this time you cannot heal or attack other Guilds. Deaths also have a price, you will lose your War Points reward from your last kill.

    Players will be allowed to spend War Tokens to heal their Guild and will get XP for each heal action. Your Guild can heal a total of 400 times over a 1 hour period (since the first heal occurred). Heal allocations will replenish if you respawn or the 2 hour period completes.

    Leaderboard Rewards
    The top 20% of Guilds will be rewarded with the currently listed rewards.

    Ending a War
    The Guild war ends when the timer runs out. Guilds will be ranked by War Points and will be listed on the leaderboard accordingly.
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  2. Linda Dixon

    Linda Dixon New Member

    1 less WP per kill

    The issue I am having has no thread or any other type of connected topic I've ever seen in the Guild War Forum...When I kill in the guild war, I receive one less WP than advertised. This is the last kill I did:
    -0 Health | 16,642,693 Damage Dealt | +203 XP | +1 Kill | +2,099 WP
    Note how it is 1 less than 3000?
    All 5 kills I've done this particular game are one less; everyone else's kill WPs within our guild are normal. Am I "handicapped" or just getting short changed?
  3. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    was your health at full strength? once your health gets down to a certain point then you start getting less points per attack and kill
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Additionally, attacking up and down Divisions will affect your reward.
  5. Linda Dixon

    Linda Dixon New Member

    Both healths were full, or very close to full within the war and in the reg. game.
  6. Linda Dixon

    Linda Dixon New Member

    We are an A guild; I kill B's and C's-- even when working as a group for several successive kills, I would receive one less for a death blow and the others would get full points.
  7. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    thats def weird, maybe you need to polish your axe up a bit ;p
  8. Vi Kinger

    Vi Kinger New Member

    I'm in a B group guild but I do really feel sorry for the lowest guilds. I wonder why they still play. Is there any other way to get this done.
    A war weary veteraan.
  9. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    So your skill points used with your guild when you join is what's utilized. I just noticed that the war doesn't start for 6 days and my increases in skills don't update from when I joined the guild war. Now there's a link which says, "Click here to leave the war" since it hasn't started, but, can I rejoin and then get my new skill points associated with my guild in the war. I'd hate to click the leave the war icon and not be allowed to rejoin the war. I can find no discussion on this option button and it's ramifications. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Linda Dixon

    Linda Dixon New Member

    You can join, leave, and then join again prior to the start of the war. We sometimes try different settings to see if it truly makes a difference--not in the points allocated as "strength"--but it does have an effect on payout WP for each heal. I've joined/left/joined several times due to gaining a bunch of fp, every token put into att/def/health will show up in your war stats. Have fun and we'll see you on the battle field!
  11. Gazember

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    Top Poster Of Month

    Bump, on fb clicking on the GUILD WARS has no effect at all, the guild wars page its not opening
  12. No Access to Guild Wars

    I cannot access Guild Wars. Maybe KANO discontinued it already LOL. HEY KANO, I want a refund lol
  13. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    You don't have to bump a sticky thread Gazember. ;)

    We've got folks looking at it already!
  14. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    We're not discontinuing anything. That thread was related to War Mode, not Guild Wars.
  15. If you aren't discontinuing anything, how come I can't assess the new Guild Wars?
  16. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    It's a bug which the developers are clearing up now.
  17. Don't call me a Gazember then. BOOO KANO
  18. OttoRichter

    OttoRichter New Member

    My tokens never reached 300 during the previous wars, but I did not get the expected 2133 naturally refilled tokens! No one in our guild does ... One every 2:42 minutes, right? Do you run a script for the timer on our computers while we are online ?? If so, that would run too slow on my system because my CPU is used 100%; I participate in BOINC computing ... Anyway, this is a bug you need to look into!
  19. OttoRichter

    OttoRichter New Member

    By the way: the exact same problem happens in PirateClan Armada Wars ...
  20. So I purchased tokens in the middle of killing a guild and never got them! You guys sure as you know what took my God points though! I still got the kill -0 Health | 76,524,295 Damage Dealt | +605 XP | +1 Kill | +3,300 WP on Tollyscribe around 5:25 PM on 3/23/2014. This blows. Even if you refunded my God points, the purpose of my spending them is gone =( I am not so much a fan anymore and skeptical of playing the new guild wars. I also recall last time a huge delay where others were able to play and we weren't. Do you all see us as lab rats in the game?
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