[VC] The New Lottery really Sucks

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gearoid O'Hagan, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Gearoid O'Hagan

    Gearoid O'Hagan New Member

    I am really glad that I was sitting down when I read the details on the new lottery. If I wasn't I would probably have fallen down.....I just couldn't believe how appallingly bad it is.

    I have only one real question: Which xxxx in Kano actually thought that this was a good idea?....an 'Improvement' over the old lottery? Well, you guys blew this one.
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    WOADLORD Member

    Absolutley rubbish....In 3 days of the New lottery system, winning players have dropped for three consecutive times. Your Latest so called *Improvements was nothing but against the players, as Geroid said KANO, keep hammering those nails in the coffin of what was a good game.
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  3. Clifzag

    Clifzag Member

    i like this new lottery well of course i like free tickets better but what they really need to do to make it alright is still have that old prizes thing .... gold for 1 match, more gold and xp for 2, yet more gold/xp and free ticket for 3, gold/xp/tickets(2 or 3) the 50 fp 4, then 5 give u like 10 tickets lot of gold/xp and the jackpot and u get to hang out at the KANO office for a day

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