The New Kalander feature is confusing everyone

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by DaBoss, Dec 1, 2010.

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    This was addressed in that link you posted, but I will make a comment here as well.

    Any references to 'Arrows' you received via Friends helping you were actually Keys that allow you to unlock doors. This was a mistake in the language that has been fixed, however your Feed in the Advent Calendar will still read as 'Arrows' for any keys earned via friend help before this fix went out.

    The '+' sign with a number beside it in the Keys area signifies how many extra Keys you have. These are either earned through Friends helping or purchased via the store.

    Apologies for the confusion this has caused.
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    Got my key for today. I asked for help yesterday at 601am cst. I posted for help today and everyone is getting that's it's full. My feed only shows the 15 that helped yesterday. Does the need for help not reset at the same time the key is available? If not, when does it reset?

    Thanks! I also posted this on the discussion board.
  4. Smack

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    15 friends helping is the maximum allowed for the duration of the entire game, not for each day.

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