The Godfather said he gave me 2 mobsters but didnt

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by darcotics, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Hi Guys,I am having an issue with receiving my mobsters from the godfather or rather I'm not receiving them at all! this has now happened on three occasions....the first time I put down to my error or clicking the wrong button or something and quickly forgot about it,the second time i was sure i pressed the get mobsters button and it didn't feel right with my mob count....The third time i looked at the tally before and sure enough they took the 10 GF points but no mobsters awarded even after a shut down and restart! there is something wrong because i have a hired mobster count of 45 which is kinda special seeing the hired guns only come in multiples of two? any ideas folks? kind regards darcotics:confused:
  2. how much GP u got before buy?
    how much hired u got before buy ?
    how much GP u got after u buy ?
    how much hired guns u got after u buy?

    also send your game link its under your stats in game profile page
    just copy and paste here
  3. its a odd count because you count as a hired gun to yourself.that throws off the count.
    so instead of potential 2000 mob,itll only go to 1999.
  4. darcotics

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    I had 10 GF points before i tried purchasing,then after trying to get the mobsters my GF points was zero but my hired mobster tally stayed the same at 45 which is an impossibility seeing the hired mobsters only comes into multiples of disrespect but I'm not willing to put my mob link in an open forum feel free to message barry butchart on facebook and ill supply the information you need there.....thank you very much for your time Darcotics

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