The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    Leave war mode alone... Bump up syn war rewards .... Understand that some people are never happy and will always last year we had a syn change alot of war rules only to stop playing in war.. All that complaining and changing of rules for no reason....
  2. Tommy McElroy

    Tommy McElroy New Member

    How about having a auto heal on folks that join war mode and never heal, after 24hrs of not playing auto heal them so other synds can get points off them. Also, remove the level restriction, if they join they should die just like everyone else in war mode. Try depleating the higher levels attack strength on level a lot lower than them say they only get 50% against someone 1/2 their level.

    If you want to stop alts, develope a program to flag accts that run the same IP for different log ins and stop the use of bots!!!
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  3. MobMan

    MobMan Member

    Maybe make war compulsory for all syndicates. I'm not in a war synd on kanoplay or facebook but thinking of joining one for a bit more action.

    At the end of the day it's a fighting game but not many players are fighting anymore.
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback folks!
  5. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts? Part 2

    You could at least keep the thread open more than a day so ppl have a bit longer to find it and comment

    That being said;

    This game is no different from others in gamers main target , that being to win at all costs, if the game allows alt syns to be set up then they will be , no matter what.

    To get round this is pretty easy, the syn in wm has to have a group percentage participation making sure everyone in that group plays, a minimum per week basically(not hard to get lets say 100 points a day really is it no matter what your level), it would be up to the leader and officers to keep tabs on the players involved and as we all know anyone who plays wm knows how it works , not a daily percentage but weekly, if you cannot play for the week or think you wont be able to help move out , join second third or what ever syn group. at the bare least that would make ppl if using alts get a little more frustrated at not being able to use there main account as much , This would then give the equality of the ppl actually playing the game right to have a more fair(ish) playing field.

    On a note added by Kicka, yes I agree that a suicide is worth the full kill points(only one time per player per day though) , works well in BA why not here !

    Lots of things could be implemented but make it worse, keep it simple, boot wm syns that dont do anything , let the players play and it will grow from there, remove all war mode groups and start afresh to re apply to be in it, im sure half the ppl have lost passwords to alt wm groups started before the stone age lol

    Anything I can add to improve the way its played ... Not really, a simple "My team can kick your teams ass" is what makes me participate !

    Hmmm thinking about it, maybe something like a double your points random count down timer, where when the "light comes on " you have like 5, 10 15 mins to attack punch or what ever to get double points or 25% extra ! That could be interesting and frustrating if your not on at the time hahaha, once a day randomly done over 24 hours ?

    Oh and of coarse the reward GF points awarded to the player who makes the best suggestion in this thread, Now close this thread quick its Beer time in Saw2 , we dont actually play when its beer time

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    Edit, maybe a small period of time to have extra attacks during any one 24 hour period for a short time... Thats it im off now beer has reached optimum coolness
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  6. Kellie Figueiredo

    Kellie Figueiredo New Member

    First time, I believe, posting here in the forum. I was completely saddened when I saw that there was a thought to discontinue warmode due to cheating, etc....I have to say that this is the first time that I've joined in warmode and I am thrilled! It's renewed my interest in the game, caused me to rethink the way I approached gaming, allowed me to have greater respect for some of the upper level mobsters, and I am positively thrilled every time I log on! Today, my hitlist price went over a trillion! Yaay! I believe that there are several die hard players who have posed some interesting and thought provoking ideas. It would be a shame to lose this feature because of a lack of response. Those who are in it, are having a great time! Insofar as lower levels are concerned, I think that if they are in a syndicate that is in warmode, they should be fair game. What the everloving hell is a level 1 mobster doing in a syndicate designated to warmode? Let them be subject to all facets of the game--NOT just punching. Let's attack and list and we should get the points for doing so. This is a game. It's MEANT to be fun and an aggressive way to let off steam. Please, don't remove this newfound gem of mine. There are some wonderful people in this game and some interesting approaches to mob wars....this is what makes the game so entertaining. Why you would want to do away with this and not take scum off the game just completely boggles the mind. Revamp, put it to a vote, and let democracy rule.
  7. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    I struggle to understand why it is so hard to catch alts. On kongregate there are only 4 or 5 syndicates playing. I was bored one day and i was just looking at the stats of the other syndicates VS newly formed syndicates. There were at least 5 syndicates that their whole existence was to inflate the stats of the others. No activity in the game at jobs, no fights. Strange that there was no retaliation, no participation. I do realize that the moderators of the game are busy and that...but how much time would it take for them to check whats going on in one season of WM?....the common belief is that kano is not to concerned with that aspect of the game.
    The truth is....neither am I.
  8. Dennis Foster

    Dennis Foster New Member

    Lets don't beat around the bush! Without War Mode, LCN will turn into the dullness of MW1!! I left that game with more quads of cash, unused skills and Gf's than most have, because it ran it course and became a chore; not fun to play. All of the social media games will have the cheats, alts and ones who spend so much "real" cash that they are over looked by the developers of the game. War Mode is a quck fix for US game junkies that enjoy the interaction with cyber friends, real friends and the ones who we just enjoy "F'in" with! Take it away, the game will be over, time to move on!!
  9. MWAS Neo

    MWAS Neo New Member

    I have just entered my crew into warmode on fb lcn and we are loving it.and doing very well.. its made the game more exciting and makes me want to log on after work.. if you take it away i think now some ppl would leave the game.. like many have posted here, its a team based event and brings even the quitest player out of the woodwork.. i think the protecton thing kind of sucks though.. you need to find a way to make it not worth the cheaters making a dummy group.. how you do that im not sure.. but plz plz dont take warmode away.. TAG are just getting warmed up :)
  10. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    Make the most of your glory, im back next week and will make you eat them there words

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  11. IpeeFreely

    IpeeFreely Member

    War mode is awesome !!

    unfortunately, a lot of ppl won't participate due to the fact, they loose more xp every week, then they gain

    best solution is NOT to add gf pts every week as a reward... that only promotes cheating!!

    the solution is a significant increase in xp! in attacks / punches. decrease hitlist to 6 war points & hitlist kill to 8 wrpts? (making hitlisting in war mode, not as grand)

    with ALL these ppl now days using hit/hunt/heal bots, & the legitimate ppl that play....... why would anyone join war to loose xp?

    but for the love of god, do not scrap it!!, a large amount of ppl genuinely love war mode!!! mostly on kong/fb. I play ms/kong, & my lil syn has only 3 or 4 ppl that truly participate in points... the game is boring when we turn it off... we may be a crapy rank every week, but it's mostly worth being in war mode...
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  12. meezy

    meezy Member

    Its not really hard to understand why war mode isnt doing well. Its my opinion that its more geared to the higher level player than the entire player base. An example of my experience with war mode. I'm about level 1500 at the time. I come on..attack a syndicate the necessary times. Earn some wp even though not very much. I notice that i cant find many of their targets alive so i switch to do something thing i know i've got their level 3500 plus breathing up and down my arse. and i am dying repeatedly and have basically just lost all the wp that i earned fighting the guys i know were within my range that i could find alive. so basically ive spent stam getting war points that i just lost and the stam could have been used for a boss fight or something that would have improved my character more than 15+ deaths ever would have. As you can see, in this scenario, i dont think it makes much sense to the average player.

    Syndicate wars is special.. the addition of the syndicate is ingenious as it definitely levels the playing field. It does take into account the strength of each individual when calculating entire syndicate strength. I think most can appreciate it because it doesnt put the onus on the individual at least to the point where they would feel frustrated to the point of not wanting to play. And the individual doesnt die repeatedly which i think is a real dampener on someone wanting to play.
  13. MWAS Neo

    MWAS Neo New Member

    I look foward to it :p
  14. DMQ

    DMQ Member


    How can you say you have lost points ? in war mode its all about team points, not what you have lost in stam/XP , you only loose points if you dont keep an eye on your health... When a biggy attacks you jump on that heal button and dont die, they get five slaps on you and thats it... if I had an alt your lev i would be whooping the field and racking in the team points.. But Kano put them all to bed ;)
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  15. ironfist lee

    ironfist lee New Member

    meezy first off you dont lose your war points
    1 - if you attack a player of any size that opens you up to the whole group
    2 - they can only att you 5 times providing you dont over att them
    3 - its a war game your going to die get over it
    4 - you dont mind att the people you can beat do you lol
    5 - summary if you dont like dieing dont play if you over att thats your own fault if you bounty hunt and hit larger players you open them up and some will slap you abt STOP CRYING MAN THE F UP oooooooo and you need to get points through the week as a TEAM
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