The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    Recently we've received a few tickets through Support and a couple posts on the forum about War Mode (not to be confused with the similarly named Syndicate Wars) and I thought we should open this up to a larger discussion about the future of the mode.

    The developers have pulled some stats on War Mode and it seems that few Syndicates actively participate in the mode and those that do are voicing their concerns over the use of alt or "dummy" Syndicates to bump up points. So, we can approach any possible changes to War Mode in one of two ways:

    1) Revamp the existing rules of War Mode to favor active Syndicates and put in place some new rules and regulations to lessen the impact of dummy Syndicates. (For example an activity rating could be introduced where you War Mode ranking would be affected by your activity rating so maintaining your activity rating would allow you to retain War Points earned while inactivity would cause them to degrade.)


    2) Eliminate War Mode going forward and have Syndicate Wars replace it fully.

    So what do you guys think? Is War Mode something we should keep around? How would you exploit-proof it?
  2. Eliminating War mode (WM) in favor of Syndicate wars (SW) is not an answer in my opinion. WM costs 0 Godfather Points (GFP) , whilst SW does. So WM is better suited to those players and syndicates that do not want to spend real money on the game buying GFP whilst still trying to enjoy more action and getting more experience points out of the sideline games on offer within the game. Your suggestion on active participation is a good one, however i would add penalties for those syndicates who actively attack non active syndicates, as in all probability, those inactive syndicates being attacked by them are their alts.
  3. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i really like warmode and its great to play it with friends and have a great rivary over at kong, i wouldnt want to see it go over syn wars, i find syn wars boring warmode is so more exciting, surely there must be summin u can do to stop cheating syns than drop warmode altogether
  4. Corey Carstens

    Corey Carstens New Member

    If you add your group too SYNDICATE WARS,,you will have too take part an the other war what is going on... not just SYNDICATE WARS,, an if your in a SYNDICATE I feel you have too do both daily points an war... for this is a fighting app, at least i thought so. an like i said many times before It does not matter what i or other say about this,, it what Kano will do an that the bottom line.
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  5. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    I like the activity rating that would be great, and if it is not at a certain percent then automatic pull that group out of warmode.
  6. treearm

    treearm New Member

    Most of the cheat/alt syndicates are all low level accounts, so perhaps make attacking anyone under level 1000 worth only 1WP instead of 4 like a normal win, or worth 0 points to make it hard to farm alts for points.

    I'd probably give up on the game if WM was disabled, it's boring enough as it is.
  7. Blue Rose

    Blue Rose New Member

    I think syndicate wars has pretty much removed the need for War syndicates, effectively I think Syndicate Wars cancelled it out!

  8. VK QHill

    VK QHill Member

    Option #1 IMO. For fairness sake, people who don't participate in it should not have a voice in the matter. Of course many of them would rather scrap it since they don't use it.
  9. Bad attitude

    Bad attitude Member

    War mode

    option 1 is just not worth it in my book

    There isn't enough Syndicates in War mode period. it should be removed .
    Most syndicates cheat and attack lower ranking war mode syndicates for points. because they
    have no one else to fight. it does get boring real fast.
    There is only 2 or 3 active war mode Syndicates only that are active, In kanoplay 2 server.

    So the best option would be 2 Re-design Syndicate wars, . Remove Tokens and Refills...
    No using godfather points .All we really need is to use stamina only ... You could use up your stamina and refill for 10 favor points if needed.

    let the syndicates that do-join go at it and go for the highest points poss-able for 1 2 3 or 4t place
    Make changes to higher Rewards for joining Syndicate wars . fight time For 4 days straight Like once a week .

    I bet this would make the game more fun and worth the battle we could have

    This is just something i would change for rewards

    1 st

    50 Favor Points
    150% XP to level
    200x Hourly income

    2 nd

    35 Favor Points
    95% XP to level
    90x Hourly income

    3 rd

    25 Favor Points
    80% XP to level
    75x Hourly income


    50% XP to level
    70x Hourly income


    30% XP to level
    60x Hourly income


    22% XP to level
    45x Hourly income

    These would be better rewards if you did change them to something like this

    I do think that if Syndicate wars was done like this we would have more fun and the game would not be so boring some times . it would be worth the rewards and exp we would get ......
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  10. OftheYetiBlood

    OftheYetiBlood New Member

    This dummy synd issue has basically ruined war mode. I don't play it anymore because of it. Option 1 would work if you coupled it with 2 things. First, a minimum amount of war points per day per member as an average of the total syndicate. Perhaps 100 wp per player. Second, if whatever minimum was not attained, not only would that syndicate be removed, but all wp's earned against that synd would be removed as well.

    The problem with option 1 as you posted it is thus. While it does eliminate the dummy synds, the offending (creating) synds still get wp's off of them. It only slows down the problem it doesn't solve it. The offenders could continue to create these dummy synds and gain wps. If nothing else use option 1, people want to play wm but as it stands today they won't due to this problem.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Huh...."fairness sake"? What if they dont participate because they dont like the way it currently is? The whole point is to get more to play is it not? The ones currently participating arent enough to keep it up and running or keep it the way it is yet they they are still playing....I would think the ones that arent participating would have the most pertinent opinions because the whole idea is to get them to join...No?
  12. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    why the sudden concern over cheats ? when you let cheats play the main game all the time even the ones that have been caught repeatedly and only froze out for a WEEK to come back and reap the rewards only to be caught again froze and let back.

    now all of a sudden cheating in war mode is a big deal.

    deal with all the cheats in every part of the game .

    personaly i think war mode doesnt return you enough spends on gf's so you want it out the way to be able to shove s/wars in to us where we have to buy gf's to take part in it.....
  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I think that kano is more concerned with the the low participation number of the wars than the cheats. its the players themselves that are voicing their concern about the cheats. As Mitch said in the original post they are suggesting an idea to "lessen the impact" of the cheats....not to eliminate them.
  14. faii

    faii New Member

    WM (War Mode) is defiantely an ESSENTIAL element and shouldn't be taken out for any reasons. Being in the top rank syndicate, WM does actually requires extensive teamwork to gain more wp (War Points) and hence more interaction within players among the same syndicate members. Team bond is very important to keep players in game.

    As per my post ealier, to encourage more active players to join in WM, there should be better "Rewards" for those who have taken part in it, as most of the players refrain from joining WM becos of the high death ratio / xp losses compare with the xp reward.

    To compensate to the high death ratio, there are few change which could be done:
    1) Higher XP given for attacking WM player, from the current 150% / 50% to 300%/100% (Limited 5 per day)
    2) Higher XP given for punching WM player, from the current 25% for punching & 50% for PK to 100% & 300% (Limited 4 per day)

    Better rewards should be given to Rank 1-3 WM syndcatice too, to encourage syndicate members being competitve to fight for their victory. Current reward given of 50% xp being Rank 1 isn't attractive to anyone at all. Here's a few suggesiton of mine:
    1) XP Bonus: Rank 1 Syndicate member gain 200% XP earning for all activities thru the following week, Rank 2 150%, Rank 3 120%.
    2) FP Bonus: Rank 1 gets 20 FPs, Rank 2 10 FPs, Rank 3 5 FPs.
    3) Limited Edition Gear for Rank 1 only, Each week giving different type, 2 Weapon 1 Armor 1 Vehicel in a total of 4 weeks cycle.
    (And these 4 gears should always be the same so ppl would be able to see it in the player's gear list how many times has he taken part in the top syndicate's SW)

    Now comes to the part of elimiating exploits, there are a few options which should be done.

    1)Top 10 Syndicates of Syndicate War will be in War Mode, and only these 10.
    (It's to make sure all or at least most of the syndicate members are active players, a good way to prevent alt synds and to push more players into wm but this shall only be done if the rewards gets better so players who aren't in wm now will be eagar to take part in it too.)

    IF (1) is not an option, there are a few more ways to keep away alt/dead/inactive synds.

    2) Any Syndicate whom join WM would requires at least 60% total weekly gamer points with to be able to particapate in next week's WM, which means there are at least 15 members who have 100% daily gamer points.
    (Unless someone build up a full synd of alts and stay active everyday)

    3) ALL PLAYERS who are in war mode should be shown in syndicate rival list to prevent user exploit of using dummy/alt to gain wp. (In the current setting, any players which has never atk certain syndicate, their name won't be shown in their rival's list. Hence, it's highly possible for certain players to setup a low lvl account whichare only "open" atk for their own syndicate and only themself could gain WP. Thus, if all players could atk those dummy alt for wp, those alt has no use anymore.)

    4) As the current setting, any players who are above lvl 300 ain't allowed to list anyone below lvl 300. All players below lvl 300 shall not be able to participate in WM, eg. they gain no WP and no WP gain by atk/hitlist/kill them and they won't be showing on the rival list. It's a good way to prevent low lvl alt too to hide under lvl 300 and gain WP from those players below lvl 300 which other players couldn't.

    p/s: IMHO, Any players who have not been online for 15 days should be auto-kicked from Syndicate, next oldest member/officer upgraded to be the leader to eliminate overwhelming of dead syndicates.
  15. SW is too boring and waste of stamina. I think you should remeve SW and let WM stay.
    WM is teamwork and a lot of fun.

    I also have something to say about alt-accounts...
    How many times do we need to report main- and alt-account before you find it in your hearts to kick both accounts out of the game once and for all ?? 7-9 days freeze of both accounts ain't enough...
    If people need to cheat, then they shouldn't be in the game at all :(
    I'm beginning to feel it as a huge waste of time reporting main- and alt-accounts to you, when all i get out of it, is seeing 'em cheating bastards back in da game 7-9 days later
  16. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    While most people are saying that SW is boring its really not it would depend on how your syndicate plays it. Of course its going to be boring if you are the only one online in your syn which will also make it difficult to heal. have a syn chat going and if your syn leader try to have all or most players online at the same time so you can attack more syns and heal up aswell if need be. SW is good for XP but it does suck about the limited tokens. take the limit away all together so people can attack as much as they like depending on how much stam they have. As for WM i havent played it but judging on the fact there are very few WM syns playing it sounds like you need to do a complete overhaul of the mode or as option 2 suggest, scrap it all together but if that is going to be the case maybe make it so SW and BA are on more often to keep those players interested in the game. just some thoughts.
  17. Do not get rid of war mode. Maybe add some bonus stuff to get people there. I get bored on synd wars because of running out of tokens. BA should have a token limit also or some other feature that controls how fast or the number of attacks in a row. Nothing like getting attacked 1200 times in less then 40 secs buy one person.
  18. Deleted member 15401

    Deleted member 15401 Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Warmode is one of the few reasons why I play this game... I'm currently in the #1 syndicate for wm and have the most overall points in warmode on kongregate ..... getting rid of it would cause a lot of ppl to become inactive and some would even quit... you guys would lose A LOT of money if you got rid of it.... get rid of the dummy syndicates by finding the IP used creating them and ip ban them..... Bonus xp would be nice it would be better for a cash reward I use a lot of money during WM weeks easy 10T a week if not more having a cash reward would be really nice... adding a favor point reward would only create more issues with people creating alternative accounts to boost their war points.
  19. Deleted member 15401

    Deleted member 15401 Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I punch all the inactive synds that he is talking about above but I'm not the on who created it.... your idea would also interfere with legit players there is no way to tell if it is an alt unless you have corresponding IP's
  20. Peter Weegink

    Peter Weegink New Member

    Warmode needs to be amended and a couple of ways to do this is by removing all the non active syndicate froms warmode and change the rules for a minimum level to participate eg. Level 700 and above only. this will remove a lot of cheating from syndicate who actually use the lower accounts for their own benefit. Another thing that should be changed is: Members who lose a fight gain 3 points, and the 4th point should go to the winner of the fight. I personally have people who suicide on me many times per day. I believe that this could also be amended as well, If people use higher levels to suicide on several times per day then The winner of that fight should get 9 war points for the kill as if they are attack killing that person


    Peter AKA K I C K A
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