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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Andrea the Assassin, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Andrea the Assassin

    Andrea the Assassin New Member

    Let me begin by saying I'm not trying to whine or cry here. I'm extremely proud of my team and how they've consistently held top 10 if not higher rankings, plus the 6 brains we've amassed over the past year and a half :) Great job guys!

    But...(and there's always a but)...what is up with the way a faction first place win is being determined now? Whomever gets GP done first...ok...but we've obviously got some new team with all noob players who manage to magically get gp by 30 mins after midnight pst. I seems that players are rewarded for being in convenient time zones now. Those in the states have to set alarms for ridiculous hours to try and get gp done by the new "must be in at midnight PST to even have a chance rule" the noob faction has started.
    I mean many of my friends, including myself have to be up at like 2am to get gp done to even does it make an app enjoyable when you're setting deadlines like that?
    I think Kano needs to look into how a faction winner is determined. It can't be based off of you're in a convenient time zone so you win, congrats.
    I welcome the suggestions and comments of my fellow players here on how we can help make it a fair competition for us all.
  2. As I am from the time zone with CET time and the new day in ZS starts at 9 am, I never thought about that, but I guess you are right..
  3. Andrea the Assassin

    Andrea the Assassin New Member

    Thanks Cass. Those in Europe and such are getting a much fairer shake at being able to have GP done without having to ruin a Sunday setting the alarm for 2am lol. I'm thinking Kano should find a new way of a tie breaker.
  4. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I agree I am EST and I am not getting up at 2 or 3 or 4 : 00 am this needs to go to the idea section , and get it voted on, :) I bet alot would agree .
  5. Andrea the Assassin

    Andrea the Assassin New Member

  6. AndeeLee

    AndeeLee New Member

    I agree

    This is becoming a HUGE problem for a lot of groups. Watching groups take first less then 2 hours of the reset. use to be 10am to noon and now you look at these groups taking first and most the accounts appear to be 'secondary' or 'ghost' accounts doing it or maybe 3-4 people running several accounts to take that first place. You are not alone in this. A lot of groups are feeling the brunt of what they feel doesn't look right and if it doesn't look right more then likely it is not. KANO has a thread about this subject, I will see if I can find it. They are asking for suggestions on how they may be able to fix this problem.
  7. alka

    alka Banned

    Why does every thing with Kano have to go to bloody ideas????
    It's not a suggestion, it's a positive question as to the way the results are processed.
    What other league in the World determines the winner on the team that finishes their game first, whilst others are still playing??????
    This is not a question of time zones, this should be about determining the winner when the clock strikes midnight of the last day of play and all the results are in!!!

    I'll repost in ideas, but it's dumb dumb dumb
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  8. slave

    slave Member

    Bingo alka! top faction should be based on fight wins, hitlist collects, outbreaks done, bosses killed, boobies tripped, and maybe a few other categories, then that should be tabulated (with no high end limit) and that faction should be the top faction for the week. Not some faction that was created this past week (which it was) and magically has all thier players on within a very short period of time and does thier 17 attacks, 4 outbreaks, 5 helps, and ten boss attacks...which takes all of three minutes to do...Is that how we really want to decide the "top faction"? Or do we want to reward a faction for actually doing something the rest of the week, like fighting, doing jobs, hunting the list, hunting bosses, helping on bosses....etc etc etc. Right now you are rewarding (in my opinion) one player and his many alternate me a doubting denton.....

  9. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    I brought this up a long long time ago. When the armada i belonged to was ranked number 3 to 5 everytime because of like you guys said timeframe. Even though we always completed to 100 percent. I fought for a change the developers basically said no back then. But i do wish you best of luck with it if i ever decide to join one again to compete i would hope it would be changed by then to incorporate more things then just time zones. It's a let down for the others who complete to 100 percent all the time to get nothing because of a faster armada completing it. And fyi. There are some armadas and the respective one's to the other kano games. That have all specific players in the same time zone so they all get done at the same time. That is how some win a lot.
  10. AnnT

    AnnT New Member

    Just my thoughts, but since I've never been shy about vocalizing... :rolleyes:

    Basing it just on the fact that someone managed to get 25 "accounts" online within minutes of the day starting...without considering all the other things a faction is based around is sloppy. Particularly with all the XP reward involved.

    Seems to me that factions who are FULL with 25 members, and who tie for top spot with GPs done...should share in 1st place. OR there should be a valid criteria based on skills or stats as the tie breaker, not the fact that all 25 can get online at the same time at 12am PST. Obviously that has led to an abuse of the system and is innately unfair.
  11. Im not going to sit here and agree with alot of the posts here.

    It has nothing to do with Time Zone.

    It has to do with One person logging on 15/20 accounts and doing GP for a whole faction.

    I have People in Europe, US (PST, MST, CST, EST) and we've won 18 Brains in 9 Months..

    Time zone MATTERS NOT.

    Its the Matter of The Fugging Cheating Losers that continue to Poison this game.
  12. So what

    So what Member

    have to say i do feel for you run a tight ship and been overrun by a load of alts is downright C R A P

    logging in to do gp IS now olde ...and since kano has denton.... now things should progress

    why isnt all the daily stats been included in fight kills HITLIST wins deaths the works .....and all kills accounted PER FACTION

    you have the stats the leaderboard is updated daily its not a big progression

    its then ull see the TRUE fighting factions

    simply logging in for a total of 8 mins DOES NOT make a daily player

    and fair play to you andrea for calling it out
  13. So what

    So what Member

    well said .....the issue of ALTS has to be dealt with
  14. AndeeLee

    AndeeLee New Member

    It has been fixed

    They fixed the leaderboard and that group that was brand new using tons of alts to take first was taken out of first place and every group was moved up a spot. Although they have not change the trophy cases yet for all the groups. Hoping it will update at the end of this season like it should. Thanks for posting about this issue Andrea. Maybe it will stop these players making fake accounts or signing on each others accounts to get points early. It is not fair to groups that have 25 real players. 1 player to each account that get on and are dedicated to their groups with their GP and everything else they can do to help their groups out. Thank you Kano.

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