[ARMOR] the armor / kong link is very bad

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by sincitymike, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. sincitymike

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    i joined armor 16 days ago today i asked a friend (who is on kong) to please post a boss fight for me to finish getting my daily gamer points. he sent me a message ok done, i checked social feed for 10 mins. waiting for it. i didn't see, i went to boss fight feed and check, i went to where it said the post were from 2 days ago. i went n checked syn. alliance feed since our syns. are in alliance, and once again nothing. so what i had to do was go to his profile page and join his boss fight from his mob feed. how many boss fight's are we missing because they don't show on armor feeds, not sure if a boss fight posted in armor shows up on kong's feeds. that needs repaired. also i have a question are the chat lines in armor and kong ever going to be joined together?
  2. Smack

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    How many people are in your Mob? The Social Feed is limited to showing the most recently active players. So if you have hundreds of people in your Mob you can expect some things to drop off. Sounds like you were checking as soon as your friend posted it so I am not sure what happened there. If you are exchanging PM's either in the game or otherwise perhaps ask your friend to just cut and paste the share link located at the bottom of the boss fight page.

    As for the chat, Kong does it's own chat so there will be no integration between the Kong chat and our own chat that is found on Armor unfortunately.

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