The 7 day Protection rule of BS.

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by HeyUwereWTFpwned, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Most of us know in this game, Not all, but alot of these new players are cheats and alts or other losers that are playing..

    And of course its Perfectly fine for one of these idiots to attack people off the hitlist but you cannot Punch or List them back..

    Thats some BS..

    If thats the case.

    Then block them from going for the Hitlist..

    Its really simple.

    Thats the thing about the Hitlist.. People want the money. They go for it, but they will pay the price also..

    I remember back in the day when i went for the Higher levels, i paid the price and accepted that. Nothing to cry about. Accept your a$$-kicking and beatdown for trying to get the cash.
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    Couldn't agree more.
    Although I could of sworn you were able to list them if they went for your bounty provided you didn't already kill them.
    ZS is only 7 days..the other 3 are 30 days.
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    30 days , pfffft I got some one in LCN who is being a real PIA since my 7th day into the game, we are both under protection , but I found him in the other games , and he is under protection there, he prob thinks I am some newbie to the games, , so as soon as his protection is gone, he is gonna be singing a different tune, for sure, and if I find he is an alt, since he has a fb game profile with a fake name, then he is gonna really reap what he has sowed muhahahahahahahahaha, just counting the days 24 and counting :)
  4. Partially agreed lol.

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