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  1. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    TGIF! In reviewing last week's TGIF post, I noticed I made a rather terrible typo, so I would like to formally apologize on behalf of my grammar club. I'll do my best to minimize these reprehensible irregularities in the future.

    Linguistic fallibility aside, let's take a look at what went on last week, with a brief sprinkling of what's coming up next week!

    New Co-op Boss: Ballerina

    The Ballerina dedicated years to movements that were graceful, effortless and smooth. The infection changed that. Now she staggers across a blood-drenched stage before an audience of the dead, her bones and meat contorted into hideous angles, strings of flesh hanging from her maw, her jagged claws reaching out towards… you.


    Battle Arena

    We've had a number of players suggest that our randomly populated Battle Arena battle lists weren't as random as they could be, so we pushed out a change intended to increase the random randomness. What it actually did was cause the Zombie Slayer arena to start without anyone having a battle list. Oops. Thanks to awesome players letting us know about this right away, we were able to push a fix that both increased the randomness and gave players a battle list. Thanks again to all the players who let us know in a (mostly) calm and respectful fashion. We apologize for the confusion, and appreciate your patience and awesomeness.

    Player Bans

    FB: 3
    MS: 24

    As always, we are committed to keeping our games fun and fair for everyone, and will continue to ensure that players are playing fairly and within our Terms of Use by swinging the banhammer where it needs to be swung. There's been some confusion in the past about these numbers, so let me clarify. The above numbers are the number of accounts we have permanently frozen for violations of our Terms of Use. We also do temporary freezes for less severe violations, although these aren't included above.
    It's also worth mentioning that frozen accounts do currently still show up in the game, which has caused some confusion as well as the sentiment that we don't freeze accounts. We're looking into ways to alleviate this sentiment, as we genuinely spend quite a bit of time enforcing our Terms of Use to keep the games fun and fair for everyone.

    Quarterly Newsletter #2!

    Back by incredibly popular demand, our second ever Quarterly Newsletter will be rolling out in the next week or so, complete with insightful commentary and, of course, free stuff!

    There's also a short survey about the forums in the newsletter, so if you're itching to give us some anonymous feedback about your forum experience, go for it!

    Facebook Offsite Game Policy Change

    Facebook recently announced a change to their policy regarding offsite versions of games on Facebook that will take effect December 5th, 2012. You can read more about it here

    Community Stories

    Have you met someone in game that you're now best friends with? Have you done something really important because of some advice another player gave you? Have any other awesome/inspiring/cool stories about an interaction you had with another player through the game? We occasionally here through Support about players meeting their significant others through the game, or about how they've made lasting friendships, or other awesome stuff, but we've never been able to share it because Support requests are private and we value your privacy. That being said, we do want to share some of the awesome stories we know are out there, so if you have any you'd like to share with the community, please email me at community@kanoapps.com with the title "Community Stories". Stories can by anonymous, but if you'd like to say who you are in game, please mention your game name and what game you play. I'll pick one each week to share in my TGIF post, and I look forward to being able to share these awesome stories with you all! So start sending!

    Community Volunteer Team

    We are always looking to expand the awesomeness of our Community, and to do that we need to expand our Community Volunteer team! We currently have two types of Community Volunteers, Game Gurus and Moderators.

    Moderators help the community by helping keep the forums civil and respectful, as well as on-topic, spam-free, and within the forum code of conduct. Being skilled and experienced players, Moderators also help in the community by answering questions and acting as liaisons between the community and Kano. This position is quite the commitment, as we expect our moderators to be able to volunteer at least a few hours a day (although some do much more than that.)

    Game Gurus are skilled and experienced players looking to share their knowledge with the community, with a particular focus on newer players. Gurus are expected to watch the Guru threads for questions, as well as answering questions elsewhere in the forums, although they don't have the forum powers or responsibilities of Moderators.

    If you're interested in either position, email us at community@kanoapps.com for more information!

    Support Report

    Back by popular demand, it's another message from our wonderful support person, Melanie!

    Take it away Melanie:

    I wanted to touch on the subject of permanent account suspensions, or bans. Kicking someone out of the game is our most severe and final response to a violation of the Terms of Use, and we don't hand them out lightly. The truth is that many players who are reported for one thing or another don't fully realize how their actions are affecting other players or the game as a whole. In most cases, being caught and warned is all the response that is required for a person to be more conscientious about their behaviour.

    As a heads up for you, we will be looking at revamping the Support framework within the coming month and are looking for ways to make Support faster and more effective as well as give you guys more tools with which to find information for yourselves. If you have any suggestions or ideas on what would make getting help with your game a better experience, please let us know!


    Well, that's it for this week! I hope you all have a safe and Wonder(bread)ful weekend!

    Play Now!

    Facebook Canvas: http://bit.ly/zs_kaforum
    Facebook Connect: http://bit.ly/zs_forum_fc

    MySpace: http://mysp.ac/zs_ms_forum
  2. How does one sign up to get the newsletter?
  3. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Hi David inside the game itself on the main page on top of the page look for the new settings click on settings right there and open it up and click the box to receive the newsletters.

    Which i also just looked on the zombie slayer home page you do not have that feature like pirate clan does. Let me get with one of the developers or the moderator who deals more with slayer then myself.
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  4. Isn't there a post around here somewhere where you guys were asking what we thought you should do with the accounts that have been permanently banned? I do believe there is but in the case I'm wrong allow me to give you my opinion.

    Taking into account the hard cold facts that the fightlist dies out in the upper level ranges why not use those banned accounts as permanently healed slayers for us to attack. I know there would be no actual competition in attacking these slayers but it would at least give us something to attack.
    You could make them offer up no cash and no XP but if a player just wanted to dump their stam they would at least have the option to do so while increasing their fight wins/loses rather than only having the option of dumping into some random boss.
    Make an addition to the fightlist as you did with "Undead Slayers" and call it "Banned Slayers".
    I mean come on they broke the law and lost their right to vote... right? Make their pain our gain, don't let our tax dollars go to feeding and clothing them. jus'say'n
    Anywho... Zombie Slayers has a high drop out rate between the 600 - 800 level range, MAU is down, and DAU appears to be flatlined... Use these cheaters to try and fix that by giving us targets to fight.
    I can totally wipe my fightlist clean with less than 30 stam and by the time it regenerates, guess what, I've regenerated 30 stam. I play for the PVP aspect of the game so whats the point of having all this stam when I just have to dump it into some random boss.
    Sorry for ranting but the fightlist is a HUGE issue so like I was saying USE THE CHEATERS TO HELP US LEGIT PLAYERS.
  5. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    They should offer XP at least...but since theres already a limit in ZS how many times you can attack,why not just keep em fully healed and allow them to get attacked by everyone?

    Far as cash,they should be offering that up until they run out lol.

    Their income should keep going so theres always cash to gain off them.
  6. Well I was saying offer up no cash or xp for attacking them because I wasn't taking the attack limit into consideration. Personally I say remove the attack limit on them but offer no cash or XP. This would help our battle stats by giving us permanently available targets but would also prevent people from abusing it by not offing cash or the almighty XP. ;)
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Or how about the first 20 attacks for exp and payouts but then no exp and payouts but can keep attacking.
  8. Sounds fair to me bud. I just wanted to throw the idea out there yanno.
    I have to assume that the vast majority of the banned accounts are low to mid level accounts that have been banned for a multiple account infraction however I also have to assume that Kano has the power to make a level 100 into a level 1,000 with just a few mouse clicks lol.
    Maybe this should be posted in the Idea Forum but before I take it that far I'd like to see how, if in anyway, Kano responds to the thought
  9. sTINKer

    sTINKer Member

    yall are sadistic lol.......first of all even high levls can get fight gp pretty quick every day with rival list...if u have problems with that then kill a few high levels :) i just want some type of list or way of knowing what accounts are banned and no longer active..as it is now most accounts that the owner leaves is given to someone else...fair enough can't do much about it...but if an account is no longer on game needs to be removed or identified as such in some way. If you really want to fight you don't need a fight list..just saying.
  10. slave

    slave Member

    stinker you make it sound so easy to get a fight list, you know i have to get one? by dying.,....
    that is crazy to have to die to get a fight list and you know what is even crazier? the majority, the overwhelming majority are level 50 and unders trying for a big score and you know what i get when i attack them? 1 xp and two attcks and then they are dead

    i died for that??????? i have 1000 stam and all i do is pack my level 210 clown boss every day, there really should be something in it for people with no fight lists, even if all the people were healed and online at the same time, it would be a total of 4.

    i tried a different thread to open up undead fighting and everyone cried bloody murder that id be getting something for nothing, that undead cant fight back , too easy id be up in the top fo the fight leaderboard in days...blah blah blah

    i say stamina costs 2 skills per point we should be able to do something with it like midnight says use it like it was intended not pack it into boss who has seen his better days two years ago.....

    now if there were new boss achievements, that would be different
  11. If the banned accounts were put into a special category or tab such as the undead are you would know who they are, I never said change their name... I agree I wanna know too.

    Sounds like you have some experience in the matter lol

    Its true that if we were allowed to attack them an unlimited number of times people would be able to jump up to the top of the leadersboard for fights in days, I hadn't taken this into consideration, it would also open ZS up to bot fighting. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the cheaters started using one I.P. to create ALT's and another I.P. to report their own ALT's in order to increase the amount of banned slayers so that they could than use their bot to attack the banned alts every 2 minutes when they regenerated a stam... All this along with not getting any XP for attacking them making it possible to run the main accounts fight wins up by the 100's of 1,000 at any given level (PHEW!!!)
    Good catch guys, guess I should think before I speak lol

    All in all...
    1) Put the banned slayers in a separate category (like the undead)
    2) Don't change their names (we all wanna know)
    3) keep the fights going to our fights won/lost stat but Leave the 40 attack limit in place
    4) Don't offer or reduce the amount of cash and XP for attacking banned slayers
  12. Upon further review:
    24 hours X 60 mins an hour = 1,440 mins a day / 2.8333 mins to regenerate 1 stam = 508 fight wins in 24 hours... (Machinist/Mechanic)
    The ends don't justify the means
    This in mind a cheater/botter would more than likely use them to gain XP and level faster if there were no fight limit.
  13. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    I dont see the problem with the way it is already.

    No, you cant make some place to attack something endlessly...

    Ive got 1000 stamina. I would refill every now and then just to add 1000 wins real quick, and have my 250k wins achievment in no time.

    I dont endorce the wall of shame idea anyway. Esp with so many cheaters in game calling others cheaters every single day, would just give them more satisfaction that they are getting away with something another player did not.

    and What about people falsely accused, and later proved thier innocence? and im not speaking of those who, just come up with something to wiggle out, Im talking REAL people playing in the same house. which is Rare, but not totally non-existent in the game.

    Should they suffer the ridicule associated with being labeled a cheater? No.

    I also have to bring up Myspace, Which is absolutley SWARMING with alts... Id be willing to bet the active accounts/people playing them ratio is about 4/1. Bust all the alts on there... seriously. There wouldnt be a game left to play.

    Stop snitching, Stop abusing, and we wont have so many problems will we?
  14. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I would like to see Banned accounts disappear from the game. When you try to go to their profile it says "Sorry the profile your looking for no longer exists" or something along those lines and you can't punch it, attack it or list it. It's gone.
  15. Me too Relentless. That way my already 'overcrowded' fight list will be even more crowded.
  16. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    You can't moan on one hand saying Kano don't do enough to rid the game of cheats and then on the other hand say Oh but i still want to be able to attack the cheats, so just stop them from playing and let me use them to pad my stats.
  17. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Why so worried? any blocked/banned account should be up for grabs maybe they were your arsehole in the day now can get payback and grab few exp or a kill..

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