TGIF! Development News for October 26, 2018

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    We have a lengthy TGIF for you this week, so let’s jump right into what’s new with development news:

    Faction War Changes

    We’re already broken this out in its own post, but in case anyone has missed it, this week Viking Clan and Zombie Slayer have moved over to a three-day time slot instead of a four-day time slot for the War Events.

    You can check out further details on the changes here but if this trial run is successful, we can look at moving it over to Pirate Clan and Mob Wars: LCN next week. Stay tuned for more news there!

    Daily Reward Changes Coming Soon

    The current Daily Reward system has served us well for the last few years, but early next week we are looking to sunset the current reward system and replace it with a reworked one. We’ll be sure to give plenty of notice when we are taking it down so you’ll have time to claim your current rewards.

    Some improvements and updates we’re targeting for the new system are that “days” are now determined by calendar dates instead of the current rolling window which should hopefully lead to fewer cases of streaks being reset as well as more varied rewards. Keep in mind that you can still choose to receive all Stamina or Energy, but you’ll also get access to this new track of rewards:


    We’ll have another post with more detail next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

    Other Updates and Fixes

    On mobile, War Skills and Heals were missing from your member stats; this has been fixed and the mobile versions of the apps should be displaying those now. Thanks to @RaeY for pointing us toward that.

    We’ve also had some players who have reported that their Chat is preventing the game from displaying properly if it gets too long. This week we’ve implemented a max height for the Chat window which should help with that issue, as well as for players whose Chat is out of view.

    One other thing we’re working on is, as time has gone on, some of our older Bosses look a bit out of date. We’re planning a makeover for some of them soon, and we’ll have more to share about that coming up!


    Frozen User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?

  2. elrusso08

    elrusso08 Member

    Hey one question about...If you watch there are 2 Days with a GIFT as a reward for. Any other idea to put just a different item every day and not too many gifs? Since you can receibe free Gifs from friends and you can send 100/24h
    The other is an EXCELLENT WORK !!! That mean Kano care of us ;)
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  3. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    They won't be the in-game "Gifts", that is just an icon to represent that you don't know what you will get. They will be inventory items with better stats than Gifts I can tell you that much.
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  4. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Will we still be able to stockpile rewards up to 7 days like we do now?

  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

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  6. Curves

    Curves Member

    honestly the 'gifts' you are offering, if anything like the loot cases (even when upgraded still suck eggs), you can keep them - really don't want to trash up my inventory any more than it already is with weak, unnecessary, unwanted 'gift' items like the outdated fight drops. so thanks at least for letting us keep 'preference' of energy/stam.
  7. Irnbru

    Irnbru Member

    any thoughts on updating warmode? the game is getting very stale for me seems the only thing to do now is warmode and raids and raids are getting very old please give us some rewards on warmode and make is less bore mode
  8. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    As i see it.. I guess it will be gift that i have no use for. As many things they are to low in att/deff for me.. Last location did suck. Not much for me in there at all. Last boss i had to start craft to have use for it as soon it was realized. Same in battle drops! Was a bit ago that many of us was at level 21 000. I can keep going on more stuff that you have miss big time to update. You like wen we use our Credit Card and by FP and lvl up.. But do any back for us no way. I have try take this up some times with in support. All i get back is a dam msg telling me to not worry or tell me how to play.... ffs i have play for over 9 years. Think i know how to play and craft by now. So a suggestion to you is. Start update the items/battle drops/adventure drops and so on, so i not again wen new location arrive have no use for 90% of it. A lvl 30 000 have same drops as i have and that is not right. There must be a bigger difference
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  9. Erik Peterson

    Erik Peterson Member

    Please please please tell me the hideous VC Freyja world boss is on this list!
  10. RaeY

    RaeY New Member

    Thanks for the mobile update. Also, looking forward to the revamped Daily Rewards.
  11. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Hey Mi7ch - any thoughts on revamping the challenges as well? There are loot case rewards for high roller but the last high roller made was a long time ago and top gf pts is 5 - can some bosses be changed from the shooting range to high roller with gf pts graduating to 4 and 5?

    While some high levels may not feel the gifts in the rewards will be good for them, there are a lot of low level members who will benefit from the gifts as you stated they would be better than the regular gifts. Looking forward to the change as I did see some gf pts in the daily rewards - if we can still stockpile you could switch to stock pile stam/energy before an event and then go back to random
  12. QuokkaMan

    QuokkaMan New Member

    Other Updates and Fixes

    On mobile, War Skills and Heals were missing from your member stats; this has been fixed and the mobile versions of the apps should be displaying those now. Thanks to @RaeY for pointing us toward that.

    Bounty Kills are also missing from the stats for VC on mobile
  13. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    When the reward change takes place, will my existing settings carry over?
  14. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    Nearing a 1500 day streak on pc, do the rewards quality up with more consecutive days? A few questions about them but will have to hold off until a full detailed post on it is released. seems like it is promising if i am understanding it correctly where you get the current rewards as is and than extra on top of it now?

    Boss refresh, that sounds like something promising. more bosses the better especially with the requirements that are currently set on the boss kills. Challenge revamp would be the most ideal thing id say though as ive went over a few times the problems they are currently having, they are quite a bit out of date. One thing at a time though lol.

    Seems like some potentially good changes will be coming by the end of the year, looking forward to seeing them once fully released.
  15. Sailor Kurt

    Sailor Kurt New Member

    I don't like this change:(
  16. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I always keep the daily rewards on energy, I don't need to change that, but I like that if I miss coming back online in time I won't start over, :)
  17. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    Would you be able to expand on what you dont like? that way its possible to find a solution to the problems you are seeing.
  18. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I think v. cosmetics, a Superlegendary class of crafting is in order: 2 for 1 Legendary to make Superlegendary. The play of the game changed since Raids' but crafting and empires did not keep up. Empires are too big a deal for Kano but crafting should not be such a big deal (one time work + extra work later when a new empire is dropped).

    Kano has to look at the effects but this might keep folks appropriately rewarded for the levels they do, if they can do something with what they have, and have something in front of them to look forward to (many have nothing!).

    In 2 years time, if the present player group continues on the pace they are, can't see a frig of use in much in the current ranges and empires will lag leveling by ever larger margins at 2 empires per year, while many folks are leveling 5,000-10,000 levels a year! In 2 years, the last empire will be at 24,000 approximately: how many will instantly get that empire???

    So how about instead of making things prettier / demonly / flowery / ugly, what about craft levels that fit in with what Kano has setup for the high Raids achievers?

    Skadi's Blizzard:
    Unlocked at Level 6500
    Level 19500
    Unlocked at Level 7000
    Level 21000
    Jotunheim World Wall:
    Unlocked at Level 7550
    Level 22650
    Yggdrasil World Tree:
    Unlocked at Level 8100
    Level 24300
    Unlocked at Level 8650
    Level 25950
    Wellspring of Mimir:
    Unlocked at Level 9200
    Level 27600
    Battle of Bifrost:
    Unlocked at Level 9800
    Level 29400
    Midgard - Odin's Ravens:
    Unlocked at Level 10700
    Level 32100
    Unlocked at Level 11600
    Level 34800
    Unlocked at Level 12500
    Level 37500
    Midgard Ocean:
    Unlocked at Level 13400
    Level 40200
    Salish Sea:
    Unlocked at Level 14300
    Level 42900
    Unlocked at Level 15275
    Level 45825
    Unlocked at Level 16175
    Level 48525
    Unlocked at Level 17075
    Level 51225
    Unlocked at Level 17975
    Level 53925
    Unlocked at Level 18875
    Level 56625
    Midgard Sepulcher:
    Unlocked at Level 19775
    Level 59325
  19. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    I'm hoping in 2019 that Kano can add locations to each game at least quarterly. This would be appreciated by more players than constant tinkering with raids.

    Agree that crafting is lagging badly too. A Superlegendary level on the items would help.
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  20. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    Super legends would need more then just implement at 2;1 craft. at these rates a single super craft would equate to, 1 super- 2 legend - 6 elite - 120 base drop. at 120 drops for a single super, the time it would take to craft enough to make a noticeable difference would be quite high. im assuming you are talking about VC due to saying empire and the amount of lvls one can gain per year.

    I think if there was going to be an addition to crafting like that a revamp with the way it works or amounts required would need to be reevaluated from a time to achieve perspective. bosses are where a person gets the drops but their spawn time limits a person for months before being able to efficiently farm. then once able to farm em it leads back to a 7500 stam cap, lots of things are intertwined so changing one aspect could and more then likely would have unintentional consequences.

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