TGIF! Development News for Jan 4, 2019

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    April and October is months for new loyalty items, only 2 times a year.
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    Thanks so much Jades - I'll hold onto my points a little longer :)
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    tgif's still locked weekly...

    For 4/5/19:

    The achievements for just playing X amount of days up to 10 years i can understand why you would implement them but instead of having it an achievement why not a profile badge? Something similar to how the armada page has badges for X amount of armada war and weekly rankings they have. Doesnt feel like an achievement but something that should be thanked for. There is no challenge in getting it and 10 years is no small amount of time. Besides the boss and challenge achievements that means a person that is just starting will not be able to get this achievement for 10 years. The time to get achievements i feel has been lost with the past few expansions on them. I feel as though achievement and award are getting confused. Achievements are something that should be worked towards not just participation award. It falls more in line with a badge of honor and as such i believe should be shown on a persons profile.

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