TGIF! Development News for Jan 4, 2019

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Welcome to the first TGIF of 2019! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday season. I know we’re eager to get back to working on the games at large. Since we’re still ramping up, this week’s TGIF will be a little light but we’ll have more to talk about very soon.

    Winter Newsletter

    Next week we’ll be sending out our Winter Newsletter for 2019! Keep your eyes on your inbox. If you don’t receive a newsletter, check your spam or promotions folder and give it some time as it does take a while to send it all.

    Holiday Raids

    The last Holiday Raid wrapped up today and Viking Clan players can now collect their Holiday Loot Cases from the Raids tab.

    Congratulations on finishing the Holiday Raids, everyone!

    Upcoming Content

    Here’s a quick list of upcoming Locations or other releases to keep aware of. Please note that these are not firm and are meant to give you a general idea of when to expect certain things. They can move up or down depending on a lot of factors, but I’ll try my best to keep you updated.

    January 11: New Legendary Crates
    Late January/Early February: Zombie Slayer Location
    March: Pirate Clan Location

    Coming Soon: Mob Wars Location and Viking Clan Location, Loyalty Items


    And now a word from our friends in Player Support:

    Update on Chat Moderation

    With 2019 upon us, we have taken some time to evaluate the state of the Lounge/Tavern Chat. Last year alone, we received nearly 1,000 tickets regarding potential violations. While we do want to offer players the ability to engage in banter, trash talk and profanity, we want to ensure that players can enjoy the channel without feeling harassed.

    Going forward, we will be increasing enforcement around the Lounge rule "Please do not use this as a platform to target another player repeatedly".

    The same rules as before will also apply: no racist, homophobic, ableist or sexist comments; overly sexual comments are not permitted; do not reveal or use real life/personal information of yourself or another player.

    Chat is a privilege within the game. We know that it betters the social experience and is one of the many reasons players return to our games; but, habitually ruining another player's experience is not acceptable. As such, we reserve the right to suspend chat privileges, temporarily or permanently, if you are found in violation of these rules and guidelines.

    For any further questions on the new chat enforcement, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to go into more detail.

    Frozen User Count:


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What do you call a bear without any teeth?

    A gummy bear!
  2. EJ Prowl

    EJ Prowl New Member

    when will we get another blitz? also I recall reading a few months back that kano devs would randomly have team members go up on the HL for us to catch. whatever happened to this idea?
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  3. TomcaT

    TomcaT Member

    Blitzes Will Resume after the US Government Shutdown has been Resolved...
    There is no $$$$$$$ allocated for them.....
  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    does that mean new location in lcn and vc comes out soon? or u announce it soon? and loyalty items should be at april, u changed the schedule?
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Be still my little heart. Did I read a location?! Thank you thank you thank you!
  6. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Just to confirm once again, there is no Newsletter for those who play on Kong so no need to check anything because we won't receive anything.
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  7. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I never get one and I am on Fb so don't feel so bad :p
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  8. Curves

    Curves Member

    better late than never on the lounge chat. you've allowed players to be personally targeted hour upon hour until it's completely out of hand & quite sickening
  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    If someone is targeted why can't they just mute the people, or stay out of chat, or view chat without saying anything to egg things on why do we all have to suffer kano's babysitting FFS, why can't people take responsibility for themselves, just once. Doesn't anyone realize most people who complain and may get someone banned is only gonna pay for it ingame from prob a lot more than the person who may be targeting them.
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  10. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    because the kano team has time to control the chat, but not removed alts that they get shown proof on. It is much better to annoy the general playerbase than help them out.
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  11. Curves

    Curves Member

    kirsten maybe we don't see the same chat, or what is gross & vile to many is just not to you; or maybe you are one of those that take trash talk way over the top to personally attack the way people look, enjoy telling a female to close her legs & stop stinking up chat or insinuate beastiality and other sexual innuendos ... i dunno. but if you enjoy that please carry on
  12. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I have a Huge question when are we gonna see the Armada Quest again? cause we need another Beta Testing before you even post it on all Platforms!
  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    That is a lot of maybes, but no one talks like that in the games I play, so there is that, and if they did I would just mute them even if they are talking to me or someone else, easy solution.
  14. Njoynit3

    Njoynit3 New Member

    Well bumblebee whatever his name was blowing it up on world earlier and nobody stopped him.
  15. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    cause kano claims they Moderate the Chats but actually i don't think they really do at all too be honest about it. an too me if they are moderating the chats they need to add in Bot Detection in the chat so if anyone is getting outta of hand that player will be timed out or either permant ban! But they also need to really start cracking down on these players who uses Scripts/Bots an Alt Accounts like for real!
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  16. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    Kano - I would like to ask a question as you have me quite befuddled. OK, are you ready? What do you have against people who go to work every day? The game is biased against people who work with several aspects (normal boost timers, calendars, etc.). Then you come along and remove stacking and increase the amount of stamina we collect when we collect our daily rewards forcing us to burn stam on any old boss we can find live on JF. Many of your players are not able to sit and play all day and these new changes make the game ever MORE hostile to people who live by schedules dominated by the non-virtual world! Can we reach a balance here, please. I KNOW I am not alone in these feelings. I would also like to add that I am making good money now and I haven't spent a dime (here) and I will not as I have publicly stated this intention (I AM known for sticking by my word) until such time that you begin to show some love to your players that actually have to go out and interact with the actual world.
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I have a quick question , prob most can answer , I believe I know the answer but want to be sure, someone asked if a player is just healing on a raid and does 2000 actions, with no attacks/damage, that 2000 heal actions will allow that player to get the item when the raid is done, am I correct??
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
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  18. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Correct it is 1k attack or 1k heals or 2k heals to get the reward. 2k attacks only gets you nothing.
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  19. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    The real question about someone being targeted over and over again in the lounge is - are they innocent or deserving of it?
    If deserving - simple solution - perma ban them - now they won't be targeted.
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  20. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    well said 100% agreed

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