TGIF! Development News December 8th 2017

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  1. Scoughman

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    Happy Friday, players! Once again I have possessed Scoughman as a vessel to communicate this week’s development updates to you. With the Holidays fast approaching, we’ll be trading off TGIF duties regularly. That said, we’ll make sure to let you know who is writing the update so you know whom to target with your praise (or ire!).

    With that out of the way, let’s get on to the news for this week.

    Holiday Raid Event

    Right now in Pirate Clan, brave Captains are participating in the first Holiday Raid Event this month! This event has a couple differences that will be explained more in depth by a separate forum post for each game when it’s their time.

    The gist of it is you’ll be assisting a Kringle-like figure in building toys for the good boys and girls of the world. There’s also a new “totalizer” bar where if you can reach checkpoints for total Global Raids completed (across all participating networks per game) then you’ll earn special Holiday Loot Cases! We’re also giving away a FREE Raid Key on our Fan pages as well as at the start of the event itself so keep an eye out for that.

    Mobile Web Hitlist Clarification

    Last week announced that we’d be removing access to the Hitlist/Bounty feature on the mobile web version of the games. While this change has come and gone as of Monday this week, there might be some understandable confusion around the naming terminology for the various platform for our games.

    Desktop: when you’re using a personal computer or laptop and connecting to Facebook, Kano Play or Kongregate/Armor Games through a web browser, that’s the “desktop” version of the game.

    Mobile App: when you’re playing on your iOS or Android device and are using one of the dedicated apps for the four games, then you’re using a “mobile app” version.

    Mobile Web: mobile web sits at the intersection of the above two versions. It uses the mobile app styling, but you access it through a web browser on either your desktop or phone ( is an example of a mobile site).

    Of these three, only the mobile web had its accessed to the Hitlist/Bounty feature rescinded for reasons we covered in the last TGIF. Some of this may be old hat to some, but in case of future feature disparity, as unlikely as it may be, this terminology will be handy to keep in mind.

    Mobile App Update

    Next week’s 2.26 update for the mobile apps (see above!) will have some performance improvements as well as cutting the number of permissions required on Android to 17 down from 28. Make sure to keep your apps up-to-date to get the optimal experience!

    Facebook Contest Winners

    Another week, more Facebook contest winners! Make sure to follow the Facebook fan pages (linked below) so you don’t miss out! Congratulations to the following players who each won a 50 FP package on their respective game and network:

    Janet Stanley Dowell
    Joey Wright
    Bill Haymon
    Brian Maeckel
    Donna K. Tondini

    Jennifer Jimmerson
    Patty Goodman
    Thomas Prochnow
    Catherine Reardon
    Phillip Pring

    Valerie Wood
    Graham Curling
    Anders Sundqvist
    Albert Berghammer
    Jeremy Winkler

    Sanny Hase
    Mike Hallmark
    Brian Larsen
    Jonna Richison
    Robert Ace Jr.

    Don't forget to check out our Facebook pages to enter the current contests!

    Frozen User Log: 9

    Bad Joke of the Week:

    What is Tarzan’s favorite Holiday song?

    Jungle Bells!
  2. Lester peterson aka Pete

    Lester peterson aka Pete Active Member

    I would but my facebook ;) account is attached to some other account don't need extras anyway too keep playing
  3. I have a question. Why can' we have a "do maximum jobs" button ? This way we can do more quicker without constantly tapping the "do job" button repeatedly.
    Just to point out, your old acquaintances at Metamoki have one. So one can presume it entirely possible fore KANO to do one.
  4. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    What is the status, if ANY of bringing back the ability to do hitlists on mobile web?
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  5. DeathMo the Drifter

    DeathMo the Drifter Active Member

    I think it would be nice to have contests on here to for those like me that dont do facebook
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  6. drrobert1

    drrobert1 Member

    You need to address the levels issue on Raids. Either more tiers and/or more members in each tier and/or raise the levels. Too few slots to share with mob and pirate friends
  7. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I agree. I don't especially like having some of the unsavory folks in the game having easy access to find me on fb.
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  8. Silvia Freis

    Silvia Freis New Member

    I am very disappointed with this change for the hitlist. On the PC and on the laptop it is impossible to get a kill. Recently, you could use the mobile app on the laptop and PC and had a chance at kills. Since it is no longer possible to use the app on the PC or laptop, not all players have the same chance. I would have liked a good solution for that.
  9. I would like to see it come back and the tech's target the abusers and kick them out rather than spoil this for all. I usually get at least 2 kills during the bounty blitz events this last one was zip. All week I have managed a grand total of 3 kills and this is the only part of the game I really enjoy any more. One very unhappy old lady here.
  10. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Maximum jobs is something we could consider, I'll add it to the suggestions list!

    Re: Mobile web hitlists. There was some good discussion of obstacles when it comes to bot enforcement in the previous TGIF thread that helps explain why managing this is so tough. I am happy to say that since this was shut down, we've seen a lot more hitlist engagement and more diversity in people catching hits, and given that we don't have plans to restore hitlisting on Mobile Web at this point. I definitely appreciate that this was a useful tool especially for folks who have limited mobility, and I hate to leave you guys out in the cold, but I don't think we'll be able to restore this capability unless we do a pretty big rebuild of exactly how hitlisting works (that is, a competition of internet speed, clicking skills and luck.)

    @DeathMo the Drifter We could certainly look at running some contests here on the forums instead; it's a bit more work to note down all the winners and pick someone randomly than it is on FB, but we'll look into some tools that might make it easier.

    @drrobert1 We do adjust the tier ranges from time to time based on player feedback, but they are fundamentally set based on the population of each tier. You really want to have friends across a span of level ranges, or be able to open multiple raids to invite all your friends ;) We are looking into how raids function right now but I don't have any new info on that yet.
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

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  12. Silvia Freis

    Silvia Freis New Member

    Same here :-(
  13. You know it makes seace to give us the 1 touch do all button for jobs.

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