TGIF! Development News August 11 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Scoughman, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    The game has been killed for older players. Its that simple really. The balance that existed between those that didnt spend or spent moderately and those that spend alot has grown to be too high rendering it pointless to try to keep up. I know I am venting, but the game WAS great... it was fun, now its just fulfilling a silly addiction and helping friends out.[/QUOTE]

    Totally agree
  2. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    Neil1990 and Xipe Totec have summed it up nicely . way back when i said the bosses would change the game and as far as i'm concerned not for the better . how long have i been playing , i don't remember off hand , but a long time . now i have people who have been playing 9 months 2000 levels ahead of me . they have less than 100,000 battles , there are others with way less battles . some with less than 10,000 battles . they are past me in loyalty points , who's more loyal , the person who helps keep the game alive for years or someone with more disposable cash ? this WAS a decent battle game .

    i've watched the bot and script users pass me . i've watched the shared accounts and alt accounts pass me . then came the bosses and the boss players passed me . and now the raids . these guys go past me so fast i have a limited time to make a little xp off them . i'm still adjusting my skills for the raids . i just finished bringing up my def for the war . i've never needed that much energy and stamina . health , att and def for battle . the same for the guild wars . if it wasn't for the social aspect of the game i would have quit years ago , that and the fact that i'm not going to let the cheats chase me out .

    as usual you at kano seem to be more interested in the aesthetics of the game then the game itself . you still have bugs that have never been addressed . how about fixing the stamina boost on the battle popup . if i hit someone on the battle page and i need a boost i have to use the boost on the battle page , the popup boost doesn't work . and then the player i'm battling keeps healing and hitting me but he no longer is listed on the battle page so i can no longer get a boost and be competitive . i've complained about it more than once over the years . that's one . fix and adjust the game for all players . boss drop system needs to be fixed . that's another one .

    rant over . have a nice day . KILL KILL KILL
  3. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Can not even begin to tell you all how happy I am about this change!!!! Thanks :)
  4. Chasity

    Chasity Well-Known Member

    Where's the "lame joke of the week"? ;)
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  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    what she said lol
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  6. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    God damn it and i was going to be nice and don`t want to start that war :eek: but i guess the earn it.
  7. Omegame

    Omegame Member

    I see many ideas and please you can do something to the gifts everyday sending 100 gifts 1 by one is for me to much time for send the gifts thanks.
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  8. Drummerist

    Drummerist New Member

    MWLCosta. Getting mobile phone and tablet apps to play the game has led to bots being created and used to play it, example : a waste of time and effort to do the hit list with a PC and a mouse, check out the speeds some mobile phone players are hitting, impossible without auto bot helping. That is just one obvious use of a script. It seems like nobody is checking for cheaters and the game will be taken over by them not too far in the future like Mafia Wars and reloaded had. Get tough enforce your own rules or it will lead to many quitting unable to compete, after all it is a game, keep it fair to all players.
  9. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    what Xipe Totec said only applicable to ZS.

    Heck older players just sit in WC asking each other to list them for something to do, now we gotta "cool down" Oh ok. So we can only catch 14 now we can't list either?

    What exactly do you WANT us to do while we are here? on zs we get 41 attacks.

    So we do our 41 attacks on the 2 people on our FL (hopefully they aren't ambushers with 41 set cause ya can't exactly make them pay if you can't list), list whatever trolls once. Catch our 14 hoping to God they aren't UN's. Tap that outbreak that we've been doing for a year. Hit the level 3,268 boss a few times and wait for the next event? Sounds like a blast. But hey the links are pretty.:(

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  10. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    How about address the coins we get with these achievements, seriously 75 billion coins on level 30k?
    What we suppose to do with that, heal 1 time?

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  11. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    all achievements gold and xp rewards i feel need a revamp. the gold given should just be 1 or 2 times income and xp a percentage of lvl. sad thing is with the gold progression in adventures by the time there is a location for lvl 30k+ a single adventure will probably the same or give more gold then that lol.
  12. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Not to sure on exp, just hit 14.5k and gained 31% of a level.... coin is ridiculous though....
  13. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    im thinking more about the xp given out on the achieves for core stats and adventures done ect. they offer what appears to be a good amount but depending on a payers playstyle the xp can be complete rubbish by the time they get the achieve compared to somebody else. for example the 3k stam giving 15k xp should i think be 20% of lvl instead or some percentage around there.
  14. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    What about those of us that have already gotten the achievements?
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  15. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    What about a new Place? It has been a long time and high level players are way past done with the present places, bosses and jobs
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  16. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    seems no kano are giving feedback in this thread after it as been posted...WTF Kano ya gonna respond anytime soon...
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  17. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    kano has never responded on the weekend before so not sure what would have changed this time around lol

    for the people who have already gotten the achievement, kano could release a package that has a check and depending on the number of adjusted achieves tallies up the totals and awards accordingly. so say a person has 3 achievements with similar rewards of the 3k stam listed above. for ease of the example thr change would be 20% xp and 2x gold income per hour. that would mean the person collecting the package would be given 60% xp and 6x overall income. This method should be easy to implement but could be difficulties. Even if the players already obtained then do not get the rewards difference i feel it wouldnt matter much. just as long as it is fixed for future people. Sure some would complain but thats what happens with any minute changes happening in the game.

    another possible way is similar to when they released the new stat achieves, they grey out the ones that get the reward change and you can earn it again by minimum increase of 1. This would only give players a couple lvls worth of sp so wouldnt mess the balance up and with the release of the prior stat achieves it had been done before, cant remember exactly what ones it was but i gained an achievement twice, once before and post release of stat achieves. either approach would be fair.
  18. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    A couple of things on this. I'm pretty confident in saying any achievement updates won't be retroed (surprise!), even if it's only cash and not XP.
    Also, qualifying for new achievements by adding sps was done for ones you didn't have the opportunity to earn because they didn't exist at all, not for changes to existing ones, which has never been done before.
  19. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    It is not a is Monday open your brains :p
  20. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Wow, guys — glad you like the TGIF! Going to do my best to respond to all your comments.

    @Jared — you're right, the new parser doesn't pass through the Max Helper damage like it used to. We can look into that for sure, the devs say it should be pretty straightforward. Note this will only work when you click "Share to Faction Board", like it used to.

    Achievements, we are definitely taking your comments under consideration. We have a shortlist of specific tiers to add and will keep revising it up to release. Boss resets are a really interesting idea, we’ll give that some thought though we are focused on making the most urgent changes based on player input. @JADES we are also looking at the rewards and balancing those.

    Re: cagematching, this is one of the only places in Pirate Clan where players without full mob or huge inventories can compete reasonably with other players based on their SP investments, and some players do still like it. You guys don’t think the ability to get revenge via the bounty list and regular fighting compensates for it? We were actually just discussing whether this might be something players might like outside Pirate Clan as a way to let people get back at those who have stronger inventories but lower SP than they do.

    Re: locations, we last released a new location in LCN six months ago, Port Haven. @bowberson We have another coming up in September so stay tuned!

    Re: ticket speed, I have something to announce. Friday was Tatum's last day at Kano as she's moved on to a position at another firm. We're sad to see her go but I hope you'll join us in cheering her on at her new job! However there has been a delay in ticket handling accordingly. We've been working on staffing up the Support team and should have some new folks on board as early as next week. We’re really sorry for the wait in replying to tickets and you may see Mitch and I dropping in to help Mohin out in the short term.

    New jobs for old cities is a cool idea, we’ll give that some thought too!

    @Xipe Totec: the imbalance between high A+D players vs. strong inventory players is a problem for sure, it’s one of the things longer term players have been most vocal about and we are very concerned with it. It is one of the trickiest problems to solve because frankly when the game was originally designed we weren’t planning for people to level this high or stay in this long. Any changes we make now would ripple through the entire community and so we are working very hard to plan adjustments that will help fix things without creating new problems. I don’t have any news on this at the moment but I hope to soon.

    We are also looking into changes to events like Battle Arena to make bot use etc. less effective, and as soon as we have news on that I promise we’ll share.

    @gene illugi - Pop-up stamina boost on the battle page doesn’t work, and then target player disappears from battle page. I'm not 100% sure what you mean here; are you talking about a refill, or the attack boost slider? AFAIK and in testing I don't know of a pop-up but maybe we're talking about different things.

    Lame joke of the week we can bring back, didn’t know that was so popular!

    We know gifts is a hassle too, definitely want to fix this though like I said we are focused on the biggest balance issues first.

    For the hitlist change, right now we are looking to release it only in LCN; we haven’t heard as many concerns in the other games so we’ll just focus there first.

    @Justinthekiller like neill said we close the office during the weekend, now we’re back and happy to answer :)
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