Syndicate Names and Tagging

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by John Narcoleptic Spilotro, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. I note that several Mobsters are having more than one name attached to the back side of their name...[XXX] XXXXX MWXX MSS FXX Level 481 Bulletproof as an example.
    when joining the Syndicate it is custom to add the NAME in Front for new members.. But somehow the Game add the SAME name on the Back side. ( [MWAC] John Narcoleptic Spilotro MWAC Level 302) as Mine is so done. The Tag is the back seems appears to stay with the person.
    IS this a programing choice? Seems to me to be confusing to Tag both sides
    Should the GAME tag the Name? Or should the player make the change?

    AND the Expense to change the name each time or to make changes to the SYNDICATE is too high..25 Points wow. I realize that the price is high to make changes hard but making too stiff price for new syndicates to correct naming errors is a bit much.:):)

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