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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Wolf Spirit, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Wolf Spirit

    Wolf Spirit New Member

    My Mob is having issues this war with getting locked out when attacking syndicates. This happens when going for the kill and the opposing syndicate health is red. Our number of kills this war is off almost 50%. Is anyone else having this issue?
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  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I've passed along your report to the developers, they'll be looking into it. :)
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  3. Wolf Spirit

    Wolf Spirit New Member

    Thanks - we greatly appreciate it :)
  4. Am still having the same issues as well during these wars :( Between the locking up while "trying" to make a kill and the general lag, it is getting to be disturbing to say the least when wishing to play.
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  5. Michael Wheet

    Michael Wheet Active Member

    This is a long ongoing issue. It happens to everyone I know so far and is not syndicate related, but game-wide. My suspition is that the servers cannot handle the volume of traffic very well when 200+ people are committing the same action simultainiously. But yeah... I hate it too.
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  6. Aye, I agree it is game wide, and I have dealt with it on PC & VC also, it at times just seems worse over in LCN, but aye, I have posted about the lock up in PC as well. Far as the servers go? I am not that techy :( ..... But, it obviously makes sense, what you have posted. Sadly you would "think", as much as these games take in, and as long as they have been around, Kano would have upgraded, or changed servers to suit the amount of players on these games. I know many people who have left playing because of it, and it will only continue if the issue is not fixed. While, that may or may not be a problem for Kano, because they simply look at the fact that while some players leave, there are always new players joining the games. It is disturbing that, they do not "seem" to care about long time players that have been loyal to the games, getting fed up and leaving. IMO, that is :(
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