[LCN] Suspended players

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Miles, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Miles

    Miles Member

    Quote from TGIF

    (We include the number of players we’ve suspended from the hitlist in the past week in every TGIF, but this week we suspended 47 accounts from using that feature. Additionally, this past Wednesday in Mob Wars: LCN’s Hitlist Blitz we saw our best event recently in terms of unique players both catching and listing targets.)

    Waste of time if you dont name names
  2. Simon S

    Simon S New Member

    I'll name a name, ME. I just got home from work to see the message that I was banned from using the hitlist for 1 week. I have NEVER hunted the hitlist since my first day playing this game. Apparently I was displaying "abnormal gameplay activity" while I was not hunting the hitlist.... lmao
  3. The Last Picasso

    The Last Picasso New Member

    What if Russians hack the game server or our ISP at the same time to cause those red flags to raise up with Kano? Time to call our good friend Robert Mueller to investigate the crap out of this.
  4. Simon S

    Simon S New Member

    I think Bush Jr is running the Support Team. They are finding WMD's around every corner. All made up of course.... just like the abnormal gameplay activity.

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