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  1. Busta

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    Attacking weapons: Lowest I use is Chavez Garrotte [34]; best in stockpile is Golden AK47 or Information kit [both 31] which have $450,000 and $1,000,000 upkeeps respectively. Free weapons win this round.

    Defending weapons: I'm using 315 weapons lower than the stockipile weapon with the maximum defense [26]

    Attacking armour: Lowest I'm using is tactical armour [12]; can't do any better than that from the stockipile

    Defending armour: Tactical armour is 15, Exoskelton is [16], so I could replace all 255 tactical armours for an extra point on each

    Attacking vehicles: I'm using 319 vehicles below the maximum available stockpile item [Stretched Bentley, 24]

    Defending vehicles: I'm using 109 vehicles below the maximum available available stockpile item [Nissan Skyline, 25]

    Unless I've missed something somewhere?

    Looks like I'm neglecting defense. But I knew that anyway, haven't really added any skill points there since... since the start really.

    Edit: Just bought 388 Stretched Bentleys, so can't be attacking any better now. Total Upkeep: $63,330,000
    If I were to max everything out in improving defending for all three, it would increase my upkeep by (30,975,000 + 25,700,000 + 80,400,000) = $137,075,000, taking it to around $200,000,000

    Just not sure if it's worth it yet?
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  2. Bo Baby

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    what lvl are u? u are missing a crafted armor that will cover u on both attack and defense for now 13att 16def the white jumpsuit and they dont require anything really but one zippo and then buyin that armor wit 5att 12def, the night vision i think its called
  3. Busta

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    Ah true, I've got 5 explosive zippos at the moment so I'll craft 5, and I suppose I could ask for more, but I was collecting the gifts required for the Tequila Flamethrower. How about the Tuareg Robes. 11|18, should I go for that over the Jumpsuit? I'd have to get a few more Shishkebabs though

    I'm a level 425 so I'm waiting for level 440 to drop the Police Uniform which is 13|17
  4. Ace

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    The White Leather Jumpsuits don't consume the gift item. Getting it just once is enough to buy as many as you want.
  5. Busta

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    Oh wow, how did I not spot that?

    I'll craft a few hundred then
  6. Bo Baby

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    yeah thats what i meant by u only need one zippo since its not removed after crafting, but then u can work on tuareg robes if u want defense since they do u no good on offense so thats ur call but at least the jumpsuits will rid u of the unnecessary armor to buy, doing the ivanov boss gives u armor drops that u can craft into czars with 14att 18def

    when i first saw ur attacking/defending equip it appears that u dont really do any crafting...LoL, but armor is the most important part of the game because it works both ways

    if ur able to get enough tuareg robes the police uniform is of no use
  7. Busta

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    Still a few bits of information missing, anyone know any of the missing details?

    Almost wish I could rename the topic now, 'Stuff' just doesn't quite cut it
  8. toyoi

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    tks a lot...u r a hero
  9. Doc Morpheus

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    Anyone got the stats on these items?
  10. Busta

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    Added Palermo boss items, some stats I don't know though since it wasn't my boss and I didn't get the random drop
  11. maddog1122

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    ok, heres one you can add to that list and find out the answer too,
    Where do you find GAS FLAME THROWERS at?
  12. Busta

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    Where have you seen them? Could just be a GF item
  13. Red

    Red Member


    There were 2 gf flamethrower at least .
  14. Busta

    Busta Member

    Thought so.

    ~15 more items added, thanks to tip-offs via PM.

    And listed the ten new FBI world boss items
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  15. Gazember

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    the attack/defense for these are the same as on the previous boss for the same lvls, they just changed the pictures :)
  16. Busta

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    Are ye shur?
  17. Bo Baby

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    they changed the names, the pictures still look the same...LoL
  18. Busta

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    Kk, I'll sort them in a bit (off out 'on the town' in a sec)

    In other news, anyone know what any of these are? The new, as yet secret, loyalty items? High-level boss/drop items?

    Solarbeam Satellite 84|74
    Psyblade 78|69
    Particle Cannon 72|65
    Fireslug Shotgun 68|58
    Carboncutter 42|32
    Projectile Knife 29|25

    Hyper Exoskeleton 45|57
    Ninjatek Armor 40|52
    Shock Armor 35|45
    Firesheath 30|40
    Synthetic Armor 18|22
    Croc Armor 15|19

    Solar Sailship 61|61
    Stealth Ship 57|57
    Thunderbolt Boat 51|51
    Torchtruck 45|45
    Shelby Cobra 41|51
    Assault Jeep 41|54
    Deathdune 32|32
    Treadbike 24|24
  19. Gazember

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    yep, go to the Personal Loadout and check the Show All Items
  20. Gazember

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    99.9999% that these are the loyalty items for bronze, silver, gold .... alexandrite

    Assault Jeep 41|54 & Shelby Cobra 41|51 - these are limited weapons
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