Strange Members

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by John Narcoleptic Spilotro, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. I have two names showing on the Internal Mob Wars LCN Invite List. Yet they are not in my friends list anywhere. I know in advance that you will say this is a FB issue [it is!] but I want to tell you also. How can the game security be so slack that it allows these two names[Pauline Walnuts, Chris Tisik] into my FB Mob Wars LCN list. Really strange.
    Pauline Walnuts is a "mad man" and has created at least 15 FB Profiles that I counted [He is reported on all of them by me] Many of the friends he has on those seem to be his own creation [as they are duplicates on some to the other profiles
    Not sure who has overall responsiblity for Security [yes I know yuu will say Facebook-but that is like talking to a BLANK Brick Wall. It only bounces off.:)

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