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  1. Hi, I have a question. What are some good stats to have if u wanna be strong fighter? I'm new btw. Thanks!
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    If your going to be a fighter in the game it depends on how you want to fight if you do not care about losing fights then add more into your attack then your defense. But you will still need to add to energy how much that depends on you. I would say most players who fight end up stopping around 1000 to 2000 energy and then sink everything into stamina health attack and defense. But with that being said you will still need to get the best items and drop items to help you in the game with bosses included. And making sure you purchase all your hired captains also and reaching an actual 1000 players in the game to.
  3. For a good fighter, is a lot of stam required or can most of my points go into hp and attack? Sorry for all the questions :)
  4. Jon Ward

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    You will need a lot of stamina in this game for bosses and fighting. More stamina you have the more you can fight in players inside the arena when you can reach that level and do more bosses when you find them posted.
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    For the life of you dont neglect the stam.

    My armadas main rival armada alot of them neglected the stam and they find it very difficult to level :D

    Most of us swear they gotta be throwing $$$$ in every week to gain there levels..

    With the energy and this is just my preference I would only increase it to the point where you can get the very last adven done 3x per level up...just my preference bout the energy.

    About the stamina...let me show you my current XP needed to level.

    Your eyes are not deceiving you

  6. O___________O holy moly!!

    Lots to look forward to i see :p
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    A little heads up so you're not caught offguard like I was.

    Level 2400 the exp needed to level will double.

    Level 2500 its 2.5x exp needed to level.

    Level 3000 and higher its 3x exp needed to level.

  8. How new are you, btw? If you are below level 100, then energy is your friend right now. You will level faster with that than you will with stamina, FOR NOW.

    A lot of players seem to be building what are called glass cannons these days. That is high attack and almost no defense. I'm not sure that's the best way to go, but it does have a lot of advantages. UNLESS YOU WANT TO JOIN THE ARENA which is relatively new. A glass cannon will allow you to attack players much higher in level and win, but, when they attack you back, they get the minimum xp from you, which is lousy.

    The down side of that, now that we have the arena, is little to no time in defensive mode and your arena character is VERY vulnerable.

    The arena supposedly rewards players with a balanced build which is what I have in VC and pretty much in PC too. That would mean, in my mind, that your attack and defense are not far apart, you should also focus on health and stamina. It's extremely easy to level in PC until you reach level 2400, so I would say 1k stamina to 1500 is fine till you're approaching that level. At that point you are going to want to raise it considerably. Except when you are below level 300, I wouldn't put much more than what LB suggested into energy.

    Too, you get daily rewards, which I would set to energy till level 300 and then switch to stamina after that. You also get daily boosts of both, so you have extra stamina for leveling with bosses or fighting, which ever is your preference.

    Good luck to you!
  9. Oh, one more thing. DO NOT buy anything with your Davey Jones points except more captains until you have reached the maximum of 1000 hired captains. Buying one of each, or several, weapons, warriors or ships doesn't really help you much in the overall picture. I wish I had taken my own advice, lol.
  10. Thanks for the advice!!

    I'm a pure fighter so i wont be adding much to energy :D But knowing the proportions of the other parts is a big help. Thanks a bunch you all :))
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    Wished I had read this thread sooner. oh well, better late than never.

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