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  1. rb2123

    rb2123 New Member

    How do you allocate your stats each level?

    My level is 78.

    I am keeping Def at my level.
    Currently Attack, Stamina, & Energy is +32 above level.
    Eventually i want Attack at 2 times my level.

    Health at 400. Should this be more?
  2. Ace

    Ace Member

    The stamina is good. If you want to have good attack, then it should be somewhat higher than 2x, at least once your level starts to increase. It's good to have high energy and stamina at low levels, but after a point if you keep investing on those you'll end up being weak.

    About health, 400 is low, while some people like to have it low since that way they can invest more on attack and defense, therefore being stronger slayers, if the health's too low, the experience you win in fights is capped, increase it at the very least until you see it doesn't affect the XP you win on fights. Keep in mind Health is a must if you want to kill bosses and hunt the hitlist.

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