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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by usmcjames, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. usmcjames

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    when i level up im not receiving a full recharge in stamina. everything else goes to 100% full.
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  2. this is old news im afraid.its been determined by players that its intentional stam doesnt fully refill.
  3. usmcjames

    usmcjames New Member

    Ok thank you for the response
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Only 50 stamina is regained when leveling.
  5. ButcherPanarella

    ButcherPanarella New Member

    Level up is not refilling Stamina

    When I level up I am finding that my stamina is only filled around 50%...??
  6. this is old news.stam usually will refill only to 50.its intentionally done that way.
  7. ButcherPanarella

    ButcherPanarella New Member

    Ohhh... thanks for the info... New to the game - 13 days now
    guess I will read up on the forum and see what else I may need to know lol
  8. i figured as much lol. welcome to the game
  9. MoonShadow

    MoonShadow New Member

    That's funny.. I was going to mention the same thing, that my stamina isn't refilling. There's only one problem. I have 3 accounts and the other two refill 100%. It's only one of them that doesn't. So I guess I'm lucky that there's a glitch on the other two!!!!!
  10. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    Give us the links to your accounts, maybe we can find the problem.
  11. Umm ...................;)
  12. sinistersteve

    sinistersteve New Member

    re: stamina bug

    why is it that every time i level i only get half of my stamina i get all my stamina in general play but not when i level please fix this
  13. aranrod

    aranrod Member

    Same with me. But it only happens if I level up during a battle. Which is very frustrating! :confused:
  14. ok i guess reading old threads doesnt happen since this is a COMMON question.the game was designed to only refill 50 stamina once your past a certain was designed that way.the only way to keep getting full stam is to spend 10 points for it though i highly advice against that.maybe once or twice but no more than that.
  15. aranrod

    aranrod Member

    Ow.. I see.. thanks for to info ;)
  16. sinistersteve

    sinistersteve New Member

    half energy when leveling

    why do i only get half my energy when i level can u fix this bug
  17. how big is your energy?if its over 500 that explains it
  18. Neck Snapper

    Neck Snapper Member

    Stamina only filling by 50

    Lately it has become impossible to play Pirate Clan as I keep running out of Stamina. I keep buying more but this does not help either. I have 492 stamina but only get 50 when I level. Makes it impossible to keep playing & also help out with boss battles. Pretty discouraging for higher levels who love to play the game.
    Can we not have this changed?? It is difficult enough as it is to play once you reach higher levels as there are few players & then if you are unable to play for bounties, boss battles because you have no stamina then it make Pirate Clan pretty boring.
    Hope you can help have this changed as I love this game.

    All the best,
    Neck Snapper Marilynne
  19. yes,we really need this changed.i fully agree with you.
  20. steal toes

    steal toes Member

    LOL, U can't fix stupidity. ;)

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