[ZS] Squad Limit and Fight Inventory Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Tony Cecil

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    Making all those items available to buy back is going to cost a LOT of UN..for most of us it takes TIME and more TIME to accumulate those UN. It took us tons of time to get those items. Accumulating the UN to get them back we will then miss out on the newer items. Why you all can't just say we messed up making you need those items again so here's your items back is beyond me. So stubborn. The 15% Credit doesn't even touch the total UN it's going to take to get all of those back for a lot of players. And like Kristen said if you all played you'd understand. It sucks so bad that some people I've known for years and played with for years are going to quit over this.
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  2. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Well stated.
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  3. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    As I understand it the file is simply too big for them to try to use the data in that manner. And giving back the same segment of UN items that they did the credit for wouldn't work either because so many folks did their selling long ago and would further drive them away.

    Fact of the matter is. They didn't foresee the damage it would do to us. They goofed.

    There simply isn't a good fix for the goof.

    If we want to keep playing we need to come up with something creative that will make this easier.

    So let's see if we can dig our way out. it's a big IF but, if they are willing to listen and discuss, maybe something can be done to lessen the impact.

    Off the top of my head. Drop down the inventory a bit. it's too steep. I understand it can't be by much as folks have already been compensating for the change. But maybe reduce it by 1 each?

    Offer some flash sales in the short term

    have crate sales

    Go through past items and reoffer the good ones

    But mostly I feel like the solution is hidden in the Loyalty program.

    You can't reverse. but you CAN see how much loyalty points we've gotten and THAT is a much smaller file to work from I would think. And so would give an idea of what kind of things to offer. Drop them in loyalty points. We could at least use the lower tier items to help make up some of the bigger items or snag a couple big ones.

    Work with me.

    We enjoy playing together. For whatever reason this silly game has brought a lot of us together. There has GOT to be something we can do.

    Hopefully in the future Kano will understand Content first. Changes to the how later.

    I know they need to replace some of the old blood. It's a business model. BUT those new folks aren't going to stick around if the old folks are constantly complaining in the chats. They aren't going to hang around if they see the disillusionment from those that have been here.

    They are going to read the stuff, and be wary of spending and hanging around. So while we might be the old farts in the game, we still have quite an impact.

    Games that have social interaction live and die by the tone.

    So while Kano might be hesitant to do too much lest they give us an unfair advantage of those that come after, they've given an unfair advantage to those entering by making achievements that are nearly impossible for some of the long time players. By making us walk to our destination and giving new folks a ferrari to get there.

    So it does balance out a lot more than it would appear.

    Anyone else have any ideas of what would help?

    I keep coming back to the loyalty items and what that can provide.
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  4. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I've always thought loyalty points items should be higher than current crate items in stats. Loyalty is long term, quick credit card purchase not so much.
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  5. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    If the file was too big to give all of them back then giving the ones sold back from January to the present would have been a nice thing to do. Even though it's not everything it's something. And it would've been for the most part the strongest items that we had sold. I'm just so upset over the people that are leaving. Makes me really sad. Playing this game should make me or anyone else anything but sad. It makes me feel defeated. Really hope they learn from this.
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  6. Umaroth

    Umaroth New Member

    How about a tad bit more math, pawn shop was released 5 years after purchases of inventory were made. We received 15-20% of the value back in UN, (selling them back). In a 5 YEAR SPAN of items collected. Now in 3 years of selling those items, only 8 months of that period are we able to get the items back with the lovely “15%” credit. Roughly only 25% of the time period pawn shop was released. So in total one could say we’ve received “40%” of the UN back in some easy shape or form. Since you updated it here’s the math I see. New players that have played in the last yr or 2 have had time to accumulate the new 550 items worth of gear. At lets say 400 att/def that’s 220k worth of extra strength that people who haven’t spent 1 DIME in the game have had the chance to accumulate in 2 years. Are you seriously telling me my span of 8 year old gear is supposed to compete with that? Even At keeping par with all new gear and maybe 1-2 legendary gear each new crate our old top 120 gear items are only worth roughly 60-80k of strength, now with our old items it’s 410 gear xs mainly 150-250 att/def that’s hardly 75-100k. So in total I’m to believe people that clicked for a months for free, get to have almost 50k worth of strength in gear for free? Wow, customers aren’t worth 2 cents I guess. If you want me to pay for all new gear or to take time “building” I need some help in return, all gear refunded for free since we paid for them in the first place, selling them back for 15% was a slap in the face. Buying them back is just ridiculous. Show your customers some love. It’s virtual it’s already paid for, and it won’t cost you anything but time. If not at LEAST 60% in UNC to “buy back” are old gear should be enough. 15% is a measly drop in the pool of UN well have to spend to catch up with a major change you just dropped on us, no heads up.... nada.
  7. ChefD_74

    ChefD_74 New Member

    Well written.. Kake the flash sales for crates for us is good etc etc..and you all still get paid
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  8. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    WOW you guys really fu**ed up BA with all these changes. When are you going to let us buy back ALL the items we sold back, not just to January?????? I need all back!

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