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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Ukko, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Ukko

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    I'm not exactly clear on how the warriors, weapons, and special items we take into each fight are chosen from our overall inventory. I understand that if we have X number of chieftains (both hired and inner circle total), then we take 10X warriors and 5X weapons into each fight.

    And I am assuming that these are chosen in descending order of attack/defense value as we own them. Is this true?

    And I read that ALL (each and every) special items in our inventory is taken into battle. Is this true?

    So do special items displace weapons only, or warriors only, or both, or are they all in addition to our weapons and warriors? What criteria specifically is used to determine the mix of weapons, warriors, and special items we take into battle, given our total X number of chieftains???

    What I'm getting at is that I want to maximize my total attack/defense scores in a fight, so I want to manipulate the kind of special items, (and weapons and warriors) that I own by eliminating the lowest scoring special items from my inventory in the appropriate quantities according to how the game is going to choose the mix of spec items, weapons, and warriors I take into battles.

    I'm asking how exactly weapons, warriors, and special items are chosen to go into battle with from my total existing inventory.
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    1. True
    2. True, limited by the number of chieftains.
    3. The criteria is the attack/defense ratio. if a regular item is stronger in attack than a special item, you use the regular item.
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    regardless of how many chiefs u have and whether or not u have the weapons/warriors to outfit them all. The game always uses your best attack items while attacking and your best Defense weapons/warriors while being attacked. Doest matter if they're special or regular items....its based on the numbers.

    Be careful when deleting items u think u r no longer using...as u can only see your attack details...items u r no longer using on attack may very well be used for defense. Attack a friend and have them tell u what u r and r not still using on defense.

    Once u know that u r no longer using a regular item for attack or defense.....normally its ok to delete them to lower your upkeep costs. But be very wary of deleting gifts drops and reward items (even if they have upkeep) because they may very well be used if not now...in the future as a blacksmith ingredient
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    Thanks friends. The devil's in the details!

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