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    I thank it would make alot of people happy if u would introduce new income items or just do holiday income items...

    July - firework makers shop
    December - toy shop
    December - tree farm
    December - Santa's village
    November - hunting land
    November - Indian reservation
    November - turkey farm
    October - pumpkin farm
    October - mask shop
    October - candy shop
    April - smoke house
    August - towns fair

    October - graveyard
    October - sugar skull marker
    August - crown maker
    August - diamond mine

    April - ship mass maker shop
    April - cannon maker shop
    May - town doctor
    June - treasure cove
    June - town cobbler shop
    September - broom maker shop

    January - ruby mine
    January - clock maker shop
    February - rose garden
    February - chocolate maker shop

    Or even income to do with levels newer incomes...

    Axe maker shop
    Rifle maker shop
    Military outpost
    Pirates safe haven
    Aquatic hunting area

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