[LCN] Some Ideas that could improve the game!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Colin Lennard, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Colin Lennard

    Colin Lennard New Member

    Coop Boss Fights
    The first 3 have been improved to 6 of 6 achievements, I was/am wondering whether the next 3 will ever be improved (not that it will make much difference).

    Workshop & Gifts
    This area is in dire need to be improved. Once one is strong enough they both become pretty pointless

    Perhaps this could be looked into?
  2. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    Up the items used to 20k of each, like in PC, and workshop and drop items from bosses will play a difference.....As it is now, even the items from chests are redundant in most cases
  3. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    Would be nice if you could make the weapons you already have stronger at the workshop. Would like the ability to upgrade properties in a way that earns you more income. I have wasted trillions buying properties but have not gained a base income anywhere remotely close to what I have invested. Hitlisting is a joke. Way too slow to compete with scripts. One hour gone. Zero hitlist attacks on anyone. There needs to be another option in place to get your base bounty higher. Buying properties alone is just not cutting it.
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