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  1. The Ice Queen

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    Why do I lose when I attack someone with the same or smaller mob?
    If you add up all the attack points of all weapons, armour and vehicles used and do the same with defense, you will see that, in most case , defense
    is higher. All armours have more defense than attack.
    The person you are attacking may also have put a lot of their skill points into defense.
    And then there is the "random" element of attacks. You can attack the same person 10 times and win 9 but lose 1.
    This keeps the game interesting.

    How many attacks is too many?
    This depends on the person you are attacking. Sorry there is no right or wrong answer to this.
    Some people tolerate 10, some people... just 1 will get you listed/ambushed/punch campaigned.

    Where is the best place to put my skill points.
    Again, there is no perfect answer to this. It will depend on your style of play.
    If you want to be a leveller - stamina
    If you want to be a hunter - defense... you will get attacked a lot
    If you want to fight off the fight list - attack and defense... and stamina to set ambushes
    If you want to stay low and get lots of money - energy

    What is a level partner?
    A level partner is someone you have a mutual agreement with to attack and be attacked for a certain amount of stamina.
    The easiest way to find one is to attack people on your fight list and see who gives you good XP.
    Message them.. nicely.. and see if they are interested.
    You and/or your partner may need to sell some armour in order to gain max xp.
    Stay in touch via FB chat/skype/msn. You may just make a few good cyber friends in the process.

    Max XP is set by the Devs per level. So far, I have not found a way to increase this by skill points.
    The closer the fight, the better the XP

    Why does player Joe Blogs have more members than me when I am only adding 2 per level?
    Hired Guns!
    You get 1000 "friends" and 1000 Hired Guns.
    These can only be gained using God Father points.
    You get 1 GF when you level. Use them wisely.

    I am being chain listed by a higher level, how can I make this stop?
    Ask them to.. respectfully.
    Swearing, threatening, name calling will probably just get you listed more often.
    Stop punching them is usually a good idea.
    If you attacked them off the hitlist, they have free reign on you until you disappear off their Rival Mobs list.
    Rig or ambush them for now. If you don't have the money.. see line 1.

    I am being chain hitlisted by veebeebelly.. how do I get him to stop?
    (love ya Robbie)
    Stay dead! Ignore all of the above advise.

    Do I need to join a Family?
    Not if you don't want to.
    Some people like the social interaction Family groups offer.
    Some people like the protection they offer.
    Some people like being protectors.

    My LCN filter isn't working.
    yeah... we know.
    Try a mass post from your Mob Feed.
    Scan your mob feed for recent calls for Elite/Job help.
    Change your Facebook home page to Recent Posts rather than Top News.

    How do I know what's the best property to buy?
    That is one of the simplest ROI ( Return on investment) calculators.

    The above are just guidelines from my own experience playing this game.
  2. you are just too nice, all this help for everyone, where were you 5 months ago when I had these questions?
  3. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    5 months ago? hehehe.. I was.. ermm.. That was October right?
    Sitting on the front deck in the spectacular Queensland Sunshine with friends sipping amazing Sparkling Shiraz in my innocent bliss of never having heard in LCN.

    Now if you will excuse me.. I have some punchers to keeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
  4. Its all Over

    Its all Over New Member

    I am being chain hitlisted by veebeebelly.. how do I get him to stop?

    This works very well-I have been able to lvl within minutes of him stopping each time :)
    Keep healing and chain message him, He hates getting " Il never surrender, LOL, keep trying, you will regret your decision" messages....

    Soon he will send you the " my mob offers a truce"
    then just start chaining him with "no, and I refuse your offer" messages.
  5. Darklama

    Darklama New Member

    you can bounty trap him
  6. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Just in case you missed it.. the part about veebeebelly was a joke.
  7. garmar

    garmar New Member

    If you have a higher level hitlisting you and you rig them does that open up an attack window for them? I have one that I've been ignoring except for rigging while I level up to him so I can take the fight to him. He knows I'm doing this and has been trying for punch kills daily. Now he has finally worked up the balls to list me and I was wondering if that means I'm at his mercy for attacks. He is quite a bit higher than me.
  8. it will land you on their rival list but it will NOT let them ATTACK you.they can still list you but rigging wont open you to least from my experience with all 4 games it doesnt
  9. garmar

    garmar New Member

    Thanks much!
  10. Pauls De Feo

    Pauls De Feo New Member

    Hi Guys, been out of the game for a month or so and logged on today and keep getting blank screens, is there any problem at the moment?
  11. clubber

    clubber Member

    It will be more helpfull if you specify the network you're trying to play (ex. myspace, facebook, hi5). I know facebook had some problems, but it's ok now.
  12. innocent

    innocent New Member

    "I am being chain hitlisted by veebeebelly.. how do I get him to stop?
    (love ya Robbie)
    Stay dead! Ignore all of the above advise."

    hahaha, that's super funny!
    how many chainers in this game?
    who's' most hated one?

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