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  1. Kinq

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    What Are The Best Ways To Use Ur Skills Points.? What Do Yu Increase Everytime Yu Receive Them.?
  2. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    That depends on your level and your style of play. I generally recommend putting them all into Energy and Stamina until you have 500E and 50S so that you don't miss out on level up bonuses. Then dump it into into A/D/H until you get the achievements for 100A/100D/5000H. After that most people go back to pumping Stamina so they get more out of GF refills.

    This brings up a question I was going to ask, has anyone pumped A/D more than the 100 needed for the achievements and if so, did it make any noticeable difference?

    I can't afford to buy FP to use for HGs so I'm wondering if I can pump A/D to match some of the extra HGs some of these chainers have?
  3. Ive dumped more into attack and defense than health and stamina and pretty much can take out quite a few of those that are levels ahead of me that dumped into the stamina and health thing like HammerTime which I figured out I could beat last week when he was on the hitlist and once he tried to come after me when I killed him ,he lost.I am not sure about La Cosa Nostra's set up because he has a much bigger mob so its hard to tell what hes working with and the other are in my mob... Since I have a level partner I don't bother those on the fight list unless they attack me... If and when I loose it is going to be against mobs with a similar set up of strong defense and attack..or one with a crazy mob size like a certain person who has 1900 + people..I have been trying to counter those big mob sizes by getting hired guns to match their numbers but can only do so at the pace my partner does because we added to different things and I have to drop weapons and armor to level with him.. You are on my fight list whoorida and your partner is in my mob, and as stated I do not ever have a reason to bother people on the list until the come after me..Some preferred to get the health for better damage ,but since this game is different it does not give any more experience for adding all of that health..Others wanted to level faster by adding to stamina.. I have a pretty good partner and we meet as soon as we get enough we go.. so we are leveling slower than some of you guys.. Hope this helps and would love to test it out if any others are game..
  4. Black_Order

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    I put the stats on stamina/energy first to gain levels and don't miss energy regenerations, even though i can only check my account around 2 times a day. Then i focused on defense + health, with no attack at all. Why? So that people that attacks me during the day i'm away, will lose most of the time (provided i have enough mobs and decent weaponry), and i generate exp although it's slow, but still, i leveled up even though i dont open MW for a month =P

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