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    I am still not sure how 50 in one syndicate is any better than 50 across 2 linked syndicates. I just really don't get it. I have been in a syndicate with over 100+ members spread across 5 or 6 syndicates and we never had any problems, we used Facebook chat (at the time World chat, which allows you to create group chats, didn't exist) and we managed fine, we shared bosses easily, we shared targets easily and overall were extremely well coordinated. Ask any of the old time players how coordinated TM/Swat were.

    The use of facebook groups allows for sharing of information over a longer timescale than just chat and these are very easily created.

    I do not wish to seem obstinate and am willing to change my opinion if anyone can spell out to me the specific advantages of having one syndicate of 50 over having 50 across 2 linked syndicates.
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    I would like to mention that there are 4 games on 4 platforms. While this may be useful to one game on one platform, I don't see any changes being made because there isn't a need on the other games and platforms. Which means the size will probably be increased to 1,000 tomorrow... you know, to benefit long-standing players such as myself.
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