[LCN] Size increase of syndicates

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by maddog1122, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    Can we get an update on syndicate size changes if any
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    No update at this time. We're interested in exploring other paths related to existing features around Syndicates, though. More on that soon.
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  3. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    I am hoping for no sync changes that isn't very welll thought through or you might be loosing a decent amount of regular players.
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    it is fine with 25 in any syndicate, guild armada , faction
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  5. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Changes to what aspect ? I trust they will be discussed and not just implemented ?
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  6. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    the smaller syndicates have the same benefits of joining two crews together and adding new members also as the larger ones do, as to replacing the leaders with the ones that split off, before i could replace them, they took the whole crew and changed tags, then the ones who did not want to change had to rejoin another crew under my tags that had to be recreated, this has happened to me twice. with one syndicate that allows fifty members this would cut down on that from happening and allow enough space for growth and players that wish to play together.
  7. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    if they were changing it to 100, I would agree with a lot of you that 100 members might not workout, but having fifty members would workout and also allow you to add new members, and with the influx from mafia wars, it would not take that long to fill the fifty spots with reliable and new players, I tried war mode with someone else when i was a lower player, I didn't like it so I never played it since. but I still dont see how it would mess it up like you guys are all worried about, also with the two crews I do have I have loyal members who want to play together and not in two groups, so the fifty members would not be that hard, along with all other syndicates that have two or more crews and the only time that all my crew members don't get in their daily points is if they are either sick, or on vacation. but like with all changes there are those who are just totally against any changes at all and then the game becomes boring and dies out. just like this game will do one day if they don't keep changing with the time and influx of people from other games that die the same way. i'll bet a lot of money that if they did try this change with fifty people that a lot of you who are objecting to it would like some of the changes, especially if they cover all the concerns in war modes and add better rewards and safeguards against a lot of your concerns. but if you dont try something new, you really have no facts to base wether it would work or not, just your own opinions
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  8. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    thanks mitch for replying back also, as you can see there are a lot of concerns about war modes being messed up if they did raise the limits, a lot of this can and should be considered what safeguards can be put in effect also if they did allow the increase.
  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    The thing is also, as we all know when one change is made, it crosses all games, ,maybe if kano can make it so you can communicate with your other syndicate, that would help you and not mess the rest of us up, in the meantime make a group in the WC group section and put all your members there, I really don't want any increase , in any of the 4 games.
  10. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Sorry once again to disagree - I have two crews as you describe them - I still vehemently disagree with syndicate size of 50 - it is unmanageable - gamers /synd wars wil be impossible to manage - war mode is a separate discussion and does not apply to most syndicates - this is suicide , it's not wanted and totally unnecessary - Most syndicates struggle to maintain 25 loyal players who do gamers and participate in syndicate wars
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  11. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    50 to a synd? Nope, bad idea, it'll throw aspects of the game wayyy out. 30 maybe but 50 is going a bit overboard. There's syndicates that have a hard enough time getting a full 25 as it is.
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  12. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Any news yet ? Either re size of syndicates or possibly changes - hope you pursue the opportunity to access sister syndicates walls - this would enable the theory of 50 without squeing the syndicate wars and gamers leader boards
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  13. Evc316

    Evc316 New Member

    Demon made Mafia Wars playable. Without it and all the missions and other crap they kept putting out, nobody would be able to keep up with it or complete any of if unless they sat there for hours each day to do so. Not worth that kinda time in a clicky flash browser game. Automation with Demon made the game playable, but also helped destroy the game as well.
  14. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    well theres a argument right there, you sayitsnot wanted but everyonei have talked too says it would be kewl tio have and alotof the new players are used to a muchklarger syndicate and lately they have pretty much started taking over the game, some have paid up to 100 grand that I knowoff, just to beon the top, but I aam quitting the game due to health reasons and not being able to increase in size is just one of the reasons why I don't want to contniue with a small syndicate, so my opinion wont matter anymore after this coming sunday. I doubt alofof you will b stillbe playingif your old timers likei am with the way the game is going now, changeis good andis needed, andif your allto blind to see that oh well,its yourproblem now. take care and goodluck becuz I think the game will die out soon justlike other games have
  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I think it will prob also but not cause of syndicate size, but cause of other things.
  16. Killa Queen

    Killa Queen Member

    Sorry, using Demon is not playing the game...how difficult is it to set your bot up to do everything for you? I'm still trying to figure out what sense of accomplishment you guys got from "achievements" that you personally did not receive. Whether you auto players want to admit it or not, the ultimate demise of that game was due to you. There are a number of people who managed to play without bots for years, we coped because we weren't in any hurry to get to level 300 000 or 5 million ices or some other totally ridiculous stat that could never be accomplished in your personal capacity.

    Back in the day, MW was a great game, then it became a total mess and I am happy it's dead and about to be buried.
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  17. Rhenkle1

    Rhenkle1 Active Member

    Well as the appointed illustrious leader of a syndicate I can say it took quite awhile to find 25 people that are all willing to work towards the same goals on gamers and syn wars. It took us awhile to figure out the syn war, since we have and everyone is on the same exact page guess what? Winning when you play it happens :O
    As far as more than 25 in a syndicate I don't think most of server 2 would like to see 25 more added to the 25 currently in our syndicate and I personally don't want to have to monitor 50 people thank you very much. It was hard enough getting 25 to follow along on the war and yes it's down pat now but no way do I want to try getting 50 on that page. I think if they do change it to 50 I will likely be a stand by myself player.
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  18. Patti McGuriman

    Patti McGuriman New Member

    In response to the above statements, I come from the Mafia Wars World and was the GM of my Family as I am here. LCN is a better game than regular Mob Wars, but it will be short lived for sure for many of the Mafia coming over. Our Families in Mafia were allowed 100 members, sure our Family had 38 Regular Daily Players who became friends from all over the world. All are looking to join LCN and I have to turn them down. That for sure will be what drives the Mafia World away as we are use to working as a Family not split. Yep scripts were used, but mainly because people work full time and it became crazy to accomplish all that was needed. There were hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by players in Mafia World and the last 2 years we became a Community of Helping others. Events were held every weekend by different Families/Clans to raise money for many Research communities, including all Cancer Research. Prizes were awarded and if you tell me that doesn't add to the bottom line of the Suits your crazy.
    100 may be too many but to increase the size to 50 I don't see the problem.
    I understand how the old timers here feel but if you want to grow your game, afterall remember you are the strong ones, not us newbies, but you will be bored in a year or 2.

    I respectfully request that Syndicates be increased but doesn't need to be to 100.

    As we use to say in Mafia so I will continue it here.

    Love, Honor and Respect to all the fighters and Admins.
  19. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire Well-Known Member

    There is nothing to stop you doing what others so which is create syn1 syn2 syn3 etc. Then just use facebook messenger and groups to coordinate everything, that is what we have done for years. Having everyone in one single syndicate offers no significant advantage that I can see over this method.
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  20. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Just another case of wanting this game to be like mafia wars, they need to adjust to Kano games not have the games revolve around a dead game. IMO
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