Should We Improve Raid Boss Achievements and Rewards?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

  2. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Didn't bother reading 9 pages of posts, before you come up with another way to make us all spend on raids again with the expectation of 'better' drops. It would be more beneficial to increase xp for higher levels and to get rid of the raid perishing feature altogether.
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  3. monica

    monica New Member

    I think there should be some incentive to start a raid boss. If I get nothing out of starting a raid boss why shouldn't I just help others with theirs. I have just about quit starting my own because I seriously try to ensure that they get completed. I am not as stressed about getting 100,000,000 points on someone else's raid since they have 29 other players. And truthfully I rarely get 100,000,000 on my own but I am up there pretty close every time.
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yup if ya cannot take your own down without some real heavy hitters, then ya shouldn't open one :)
  5. Neil Wheeler

    Neil Wheeler New Member

    I read this prior to the RAID BOSS event and as it is winding down I was looking at my drops and I got an unusual number of Superior drops. It occurred to me that getting a higher percent of superior drops would be an incentive to play RAID BOSS events that you had already completed. This could be done with minimal programming. You could also have random drops during attacking and healing of special gifts that could be used in the Blacksmith shop to upgrade your old BOSS RAID drops. If these drops were only offered to those who have played previously this would be a big incentive to not only win more drops but upgrade the old drops.
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  6. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    go into a new raid with the heal button why you have to start with a attack first?
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  7. I am not a new player, been around for many years and enjoy the game.

    You already have in place a way to upgrade the raid boss drops.

    Right now for 1,000 attacks and 1,000 heals you have a chance at:
    Chipped Capricorn Shield .....134 Attack ..... 174 Defense
    Capricorn Shield .....234 Attack..... 302 Defense

    Add new levels, for 4,000 attacks and 4,000 heals you have a chance at:
    Elite Chipped Capricorn Shield ..... 334 Attack..... 430 Defense
    Elite Capricorn Shield .....434 Attack..... 558 Defense

    Add new levels, for 7,000 attacks and 7,000 heals you have a chance at:
    Legendary Chipped Capricorn Shield .....534 Attack..... 686 Defense
    Legendary Capricorn Shield .....634 Attack..... 814 Defense

    In doing this players would have to decide if just min actions are enough or doing more damage to less bosses is the route to go. It would help the raid boss owners to kill off thier bosses and not let them be defeated.
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  8. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    These #'s look way out of whack to me, nothing should be that high.
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  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I join many raids and it is very rare they go unfinished very rare.
  10. The numbers can be adjusted. I used the numbers from the drops and increased the same.
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  12. On the last Raid Boss I joined close to 400 with 25 going unfinished.
  13. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Maybe better to join fewer and put more effort into those than spreading over hundreds of raids - at those percentages you are going to see unfinished
    law of averages
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  14. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Do not join public ones if ya only join private ya got a much better chance of success but 25 out of 400 is not bad I joined about 200 and one went undefeated and that was a public one
  15. Joseph Halsey

    Joseph Halsey New Member

    I think this may have some potential to it I say yes to the BOSS Raids
  16. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    I agree with Kirsten, a raid boss should only come around once, maybe twice and then no more. What I would like to see is, you summon a raid boss based on your current game level. Not just one boss being available to everyone, but during a date range where raids are available and open yet you can still invite anyone, no matter their level, to your raid. Just a thought but it would make them more appealing to all.
  17. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    knowing kano, that's so not gonna happen
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  18. Cheri

    Cheri New Member

    How about an option to remove campers that do multiple actions and expect the rest of the group to heal the raid.Don't do your part the kicked out of this raid. Just sayin
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  19. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    There is any update on this? Are you still planing any improvements on the drops?
  20. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    @Gazember thanks for the reminder on this one. There's been a lot of great suggestions in here, from crafting to make use of old legendaries, an option to request help from your clan only, rehash of the PM tool, info about ZS raids being too hard, feedback about lots of actions leading to no superiors, and more.

    I'd like to address all of these at some point, and I've noted them all in our task management system for us to discuss and research. What we're trying to do at the moment is tackle issues according to what will solve the largest problems first, so some of these will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer than others. Some kind of improvement to the drops is definitely on the list and I'll update you guys once I have some news for you on that (or any of the other things mentioned!)

    In the meantime I'm going to close this one as I think we've had a largely productive discussion, and it's already tough for newcomers to read the 9 pages in here. Thanks for all the input, guys!
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