September 9th- New Locations, New Achievement Rewards

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We just released 3 new locations:
    Bahamas @ Level 700
    Japan @ Level 850
    New Orleans @ Level 1000

    We also added new types of rewards to the Sea Dog (Level) Achievements that modify regeneration times of your Health/Energy/Stamina. Expect to see more Level achievements to come in the near future as well as more Captain Achievements for reaching certain levels of attributes.

    And last but not least the Bahamas Coop Boss, the Kraken!

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  2. i like thes new places but the rule is a bit to high fer me
  3. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    The Engery/XP has changed for job as well. Seems to be the same ratio.

    I was going to quit Pirate Clan after finishing killing the Davy Jones boss 10 times but I guess I will stick around. I just hope with the new Energy/XP and new levels leveling isn't such a bore. 40 levels between new missions suck.
  4. nice

    nice work
    i guess i will log in again he he

  5. malific

    malific Member

    Nice update. Can´t wait to hit 700 and start getting that Kraken.

    I don´t know if I should post it here (fits more of a suggestion post) but since the EXP required for each job has changed drastically (and a level-up refill can get you 10-15 Port Royal jobs done in a row) it would be nice having an option of doing each job many times at once (pretty much the way properties/inventory work like, letting you select the amount of times you want to do that job). It would save many players time.
  6. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    Wow very cool, thank you and very nice work <> Looks great and the cost of Jobs is wonderful .................

  7. alright its about time.
    so far i love it.

    especially the drop ships so far.

    although i did notice only 2 rule per location?

    is it going to stay this way or will more be added?

    absolutely love the fact energy health and stam regenerate faster now.

    thank you for that.
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  8. self

    self Member

    Hope to see the same kind of changes on Viking etc.
  9. This is awesome! I knew the new city, Kraken, etc but hadn't realized that my stamina was now regenerating every 1:30 instead of 2:00. No wonder it was full when I woke up this morning. Going to have to re-calculate how much I need to be away for 12 hours and not be full lol.
  10. Holy cow, did anyone els notice the increase to the cost of properties, at least in New Orleans? It doubles.

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