secret blacksmith recipes?

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  1. Maler

    Maler Member

    what do you expect us to do?
    use the hints and start combining items. i'm only 750, it will take some time before i get to 2000 ...
  2. Most recent trials:

    Minotaur Flail + Twin Minotaur Axes + gifts
    Minotaur Hoof Club + Twin Minotaur Axes + gifts

    I realized that I had been forgetting to test recipes with the Iron Workers Hammer so I'll have to try that with some of my earlier attempts.
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  3. Odinlake

    Odinlake Member

    x1 Skyshine Blade has been Added to your inventory.
    x1 Thunderstoke Mace has been Removed from your inventory.
    x2 Minotaur Hoof Club has been Removed from your inventory.
    Scroll of Vanir Knowledge was used for the Recipes but remains in your inventory.
    Crafting this item cost you 1,000,000,000 coins

    almost couldn't believe my eyes.
  4. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Notice the pretty blue glow of the Skyshine and the Thunderstoke.
  5. bogrog

    bogrog New Member

    Major Suckage

    Given that it consumes a world drop item, any benefit to players is far out weighed by the effort thats been sunk into trying to solve this.
  6. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member


    I had one, and just earned another. Our efforts NOW mean that the future bosses will enable us to make that item. Sure, we didn't figure it out when we had a TON of that item...We will just have to make one at a time.
  7. ianviking

    ianviking New Member

    I've started trying for the Giants Bane. So far no luck, I've tried the Utgard Guard+Aegirs Trident (just a shot in the dark) with every gift but the Vanir Scroll. I did this before seeing that the Skyshine blade uses a World Boss drop, so maybe I'm one the wrong track...
  8. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Utgard Guard is used in another recipe. The Skyshine DOES use a World Boss drop, but the two level 600 drops are both too strong to be used for the Giantsbane.
  9. Fireblade

    Fireblade New Member

    What is going to be used as items for making "Hidden recipes"

    Sorry for asking again, if it's again. I have bee locking all over to find anything that can tell me how to put together items for hidden recieps.
    If you know how to do this, plz, tell me about it.
    You can, if you whant, send me a note to:
  10. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Do you know how to get to the Blacksmith? Okay, there are 4 main sections:
    1. items you have
    2. the list of recipes
    3. the workbench area
    4. the "Craft" button and the quantity

    Below the images of what you have, there are little numbers. Those help you to navigate through your inventory. Once you have found one of the items needed, drag it over to the workbench. There are 4 empty slots there, arranged in a square like this:
    [] []
    [] []

    Drag the item to one slot and let go. That is one ingredient. If the recipe calls for MULTIPLES of that ingredient, you still only need to drag one.
    Now go back to the inventory panel and look for the other items you need. Once you have one of every item for the recipe sitting in the Workbench panel, you can click "Craft Item." If you have the needed items/gold and are the right level, the item is crafted and the recipe is "unlocked." It now shows up in your recipe list. Otherwise, it fails.
  11. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Steel Sword is: Alpheim Dagger, Skull Dagger, and Viking Dagger.
    All the recipes are there...just most of them don't make much sense. It seems to be entirely guesswork.:(

    you're welcome
  13. Shield T

    Shield T New Member

    Hi Maler. You've stated for Aurora Knight as hint: "Sacred Well". Well, i did made the trial, and ... no result.
  14. Maler

    Maler Member

    Don't know what to tell you Shield. That is the hint posted by DarkStratus himself, so it's correct. I am more than 900 levels away from trying myself, that's why i posted it on the world chat so that anyone who is high enough can give it a chance. All i can say is keep trying. The recipe probably consists of 2 different warriors and Sacred Well. Try them all out and priorityze the drops from the adventures.
  15. Maler

    Maler Member

    Grove Knight + Elven Captain + Sacred Well.
    Don't know what you tried, but it only took me 3 trials to find it.
  16. Thorvald Adils

    Thorvald Adils New Member

    Aegir's Trident
    30 Attack
    41 Defense
    Quantity Crafted : x1
    The following items are required to complete this Recipe:

    aegir war ship x2
    hero's warship x1
    war elephant x 2
  17. Maler

    Maler Member

    stop posting recipes that have aleady been found.
    IF you find Autumn's Hammer, Stonepillar Axe or Damned Elven Queen, post them, if not, don't waste our time.
  18. Yarrl Svermun

    Yarrl Svermun New Member

    This is for Blacksmith recipes.
  19. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    hi does anyone have the blacksmith recipe for the Damned Elven Queen Level 3650 ?

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